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Planning our first solo dump run like ever. Cos we can like fit stuff in our car now. It’s so exciting. I’m not joking. Also I was trying to practice reversing my car into my driveway but someone has parked directly opposite my driveway so it was too hard and I gave up 😂

Also scored a jacket for $5. It has pockets. Real pockets!

I’ve been looking for a good quality, small backpack for a while now. Scored this one in an op shop a few mins ago for $5! Yay! I want it for lenses, if I’m just sitting at the beach my current camera bags are ok but if I want to walk with my camera and lenses then I needed a backpack. But I hate camera backpacks because they’re large, bulky and I dread the summer back sweat from them 😂 Hopefully this will be a good compromise.

If your car looks awesome in front of a house, that house is legally yours, right? 😂

Spring onion cheesy toast.

One of my favourite photos from this mornings Jupiter red spot sunrise.

Cooking some turkey for wraps on my new stove (while the oven stinkily burns itself off for a few hours).

Gumtree is drunk. Packing boxes also included caravans and breast pumps apparently.

Apparently sleep is for the weak and my body thinks I am strong right now. Stupid body.

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