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North West  My mom's a superstar all from a home movie [parody] Inquiries hit

“Y'all haters corny with that illuminati mess..."

This year, I made a promise to myself and @eentertainment to rebrand the family. I started with Poosh and Auntie Khloe because they required the most of my resources. I had my team cut Poosh’s hair so she wouldn’t look so much like Reign. It's a long shot, but hopefully this will help her create her own brand identity. My team also cut and dyed auntie Khloe’s hair to give her more of a polished, yet edgy look. Just because she lives in Cleveland doesn’t mean she has to look like it. Next month I will be editing their wardrobes. I’ll need twice the manpower for that so I’ll have to get the interns involved.

I wasn't going to give this rumor any energy, but a recent article in @elleusa has led me here reluctantly.

Stormi has the biggest heart. She has pledged to donate 100% of her birthday gifts to charity. I applauded her. However, had I known these gifts were going to Dream I would've bought my gifts in her size instead of Stormi's.

My entire life has been a lie.

For long car rides we like to listening to Kris' book on audio.

#TBT to auntie Kourt, Scott and Sofia on holiday. Lionel Richie is comfortable with Scott dating Sofia as long as an adult is always present.

Most of you don’t make enough money to need an accountant and you never will. I envy you. To have so little money that you can easily do your taxes with @TurboTax is extremely convenient. On top of that because you are near or below the poverty line you may actually get money back after you file. What a concept! When you’re in my tax bracket that’s just unheard of. So, if you have your W-2 you are good 2 file. Now, go file with TurboTax! #ad

We asked auntie Kourt to shoot an interview for KUWTK. This was her attitude the whole shoot. Maybe if she had something else to talk about other than boundaries and how her and Scott are co-parenting the Disicks and Sofia every season, she'd want to come to work.

You guys look like clowns.

Happy Birthday Stormi! I admire you for always creating your own narrative in the media, elevating the brand of Kylie Cosmetics, and destroying Nicki Minaj’s career. You’re like the successful sister I never had. Thank you for being a role model to Chi and True, I have my hands full with the Disicks. I look forward to watching you and auntie Kylie grow up together. Happy Birthday and let’s do lunch to discuss my Lip Kit collaboration! (Also, I am currently talking auntie Kylie out of a Black History Month theme birthday party.)

Some of you have never had edges and it shows.

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