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n o r a • ノラ  welcome to my wondrous world ✨ 為せば成る
成らぬは人の為さぬなりけり ー上杉鷹山

The face of my brother when I asked him how Japan was so far 😂❤️🍜🍱🍣🍙🍥🍚🍢🍘🍵 (so many Japanese emojis tho 💁 but yes, it's always about food) #ハイキング #弟 #日光 #写真撮影 #家族旅行 #家族 #留学生 #日本旅行 #富士フイルム #xt10 #60mmマクロ #thatfacetho #allaboutfood #happiness #😏 #verschmitzteslächeln

He to whom the portentous conspiracy of night and solitude and silence in the heart of a great forest is not an unknown experience needs not to be told what another world it all is - how even the most commonplace and familiar objects take on another character. The trees group themselves differently; they draw closer together, as if in fear. The very silence has another quality than the silence of the day. And it is full of half-heard whispers, whispers that startle - ghosts of sounds long dead. There are living sounds, too, such as are never heard under other conditions: notes of strange night birds, the cries of small animals in sudden encounters with stealthy foes, or in their dreams, a rustling in the dead leaves - it may be the leap of a wood rat, it may be the footstep of a panther. What caused the breaking of that twig? What the low, alarmed twittering in that bushful of birds? There are sounds without a name, forms without substance, translations in space of objects which have not been seen to move, movements wherein nothing is observed to change its place. Ah, children of the sunlight and the gaslight, how little you know of the world in which you live! - ghost stories 🌿❄️ #ambrosebierce

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