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  Don't struggle like that or I will only love you more.

from @thesfmarathon this past Sunday. #sanfranciscomarathon

Beebo gives the visit from her nanee an A+ #beebogram

Santa Cruz Goonin' #beebogram

The San Francisco Marathon. So many thoughts and confusions about the day. Despite getting up early enough to get downtown early and get in a couple of easy miles of slow warmup jogging, I somehow managed to get stuck way in the back of my corral (I was in wave 4) so I never managed to find my pacers. Disappointment straight from the start. Despite that my splits were good through to Crissy Field as I struggled to squeeze through the massive crowd trying to find the pacers (any pacers). That might've been my first misstep. Had a bathroom stop before getting on the bridge and that felt sorta demoralizing since I was conscious to drinks *tons* of water the day before but drink sparingly the night before and morning of. This year they had the northbound lanes on the Golden Gate Bridge open just for runners but still it felt bottlenecked as hell. Still things were going well enough, pacing was fine. Gave @tobysilver a double high-five while passing Baker Beach. My cheering crew (@functshui, @valstoy55, and beebo) were at North Lake in Golden Gate Park with a sign (after they saw a huge coyote; see @functshui's picture). Shortly thereafter, around mile 15.5 I fell deep into the pain cave with a calf cramp. Walked it off, peed again, kept going. But from that point onward things just weren't the same. Saw @tobysilver again on Haight Street. Hydration was a huge issue for me as I forewent bringing my camelbak (because supposedly it was a security concern and yet tons of people had them) or a water bottle (perhaps ill-advised) so I relied on the aid stations. That just slowed things down even more. It was all very disappointing and, to be honest, I had to choke back a lump in my throat and tears when I realized (at Haight and Divisadero) how much I wasn't going to meet my fantasy goal (3:45) or my more realistic goal (4:00). That was followed by the corny but uplifting moment of someone from the lower Haight playing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" on a sound system and almost the entire crowd sang along with it. I am confused at how I managed to overtake a pacing group (or maybe just a very tired pacer) for 9:10/mile and yet finished with a slower time. #sfmarathon

3:30am pre-gaming. BE STRONG. BE WRONG.

3:30am pre-gaming soundtrack. Inspiration.

SFMTW16D4. Last little warmup jog around the neighborhood to keep things loose.

16 weeks of prep. Race bib picked up. Ready for @thesfmarathon

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