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Speaking of the uncanny, finally getting around to reading (my former Heidegger and Nietzsche professor and facilitator of Berkeley's Arendt reading group) Sandra Luft's book on Giamattista Vico.

Excellent collection of essays and ephemera on the satanic panic. Thanks to @danlactose for the heads up. Worth checking out. Some well-argued essays on the role of the uncanny & evil otherness and christian paranoia.


Super stoked that this got a vinyl release by @thenumerogroup. Crimpshrine demo and BBT East Bay comp.

SFMTW4D6. Planned route was foiled by not one but two races (one in Golden Gate Park by the Conservatory of Flowers, one in the Presidio). So I tried to adjust without any stops only to get to the waterfront and be bombarded with a brutal onslaught of tourists. To quote The Freeze: "The only place where there aren't too many is in our local cemetery."

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Lunch date with the best grilled cheese in the Bay Area. #beebogram

Stoked on the Dinosaur Jr 7" box set ("Visitors") by @thenumerogroup centered around the work of DJR collaborator & artist Maura Jasper. Has the first four 7"s, a bonus 7" (all with artwork by artist Maura Jasper), and beautiful booklet with an essay by Jasper. Limited to 5000 copies. Thanks to @jmascis for making amazing records (and writing Freak Scene in particular).

poll: should I get the new record, yes or no?

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