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dude. repost from @muddledmindthickfog

Finally getting around to reading this.

Instagram runners: Have you experienced (what appears to be) "exercised-induced vasculitis"? Apparently it's common for long-distance runners? As a result of capillary expansion? Increased capillary beds is a positive, yeah? This shit is INSANELY itchy and almost impossible not to scratch. Advice for how to deal with it? Hydrocortisone? Icing calf muscles? More (better, deeper?) calf massages? I've been running for a long time but only over the last half a year have I increased my weekly distances (nothing too crazy, usually between 30-40 miles). This condition just started three weeks or so ago. (edit: @shanefish2000 did you know that I had a Scabs stick and poke on my leg? lol?).

Is it sacrilege that I prefer this album over their black metal albums?

An onset of what appears to be a (self-diagnosed) case of Peroneal Tendonitis from (possibly) underpronating prompted me to switch things up with a new pair of kicks (and lots more massaging, rolling and resting and probably post-run ice-soaking my feet).

Stop! Thief! #beebogram

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