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Norman Buckley  TV director--PLL, The Fosters, Rizzoli and Isles, OUAT, Quantico, Zoo, Famous in Love, Stitchers, Gossip Girl, The OC, et al.

One of the happiest times of my life were the years I worked on THE OC. Tonight we had a reunion of the post department on that show. I'm so happy that everyone has gone onto great things. I love every one of these people: Tim Good, Brandi Bradburn, Ben Kunde, Matt Ramsey, Rick Hubert, Matt Barber, and Jeff Granzow. We missed Susan Godfrey tonight. We are a family.

Today I am remembering Timothy Scott (1955-1988), the first great love of my life. He passed away 29 years ago today on a morning very much like this one.
I have been widowed twice in my life, and though the pain of the first loss recedes more and more in my memory, superseded by the second, I find that whenever this day rolls around, my thoughts always return to Tim and the brief, glorious life that he led.

Tim was the original Mr. Mistoffelees in the Broadway production of CATS, alongside my sister who played Grizabella. I was working in New York in early 1983 and I’d frequently visit my sister at the Winter Garden Theater. One night I went up into the catwalk to watch the second half of the show. Tim made his entrance for his big number from this same catwalk and while he was standing there, waiting to go on, we suddenly looked at each other for a long beat. For me it was an epiphany. It remains a moment outside of time—I knew, beyond doubt, in that instant, that he would come to mean very much to me. Shortly after that, we moved in together and had an extremely happy five years until his untimely death.
Two years ago, on this day, I wrote, “It is the love that endures. I learned from Tim that love is not something measured in quantity. It’s instead a state of being. I believe there is a place where it is no longer about being ‘in love,’ but simply feeling the presence of love. You’re either there or you’re not. And in Tim Scott I knew love.

And when I met Davyd Whaley many years later it was a recognition of the same love, and the same love just continued to grow and expand. The loss of Tim helped me to be present in the relationship with Davyd in ways I might never have been otherwise. I never took Davyd for granted — not a single day — knowing as I did that some type of loss is always inevitable. …I have been the most fortunate of men: I gained so much from each of them in their incarnations on this plane. And when I think of either of them it all merges into the same unfolding, all-encompassing love. In the presence of these two men I have come to understand what love is. And that love has given my life meaning.”

Dinner tonight with Jared, who is always most excellent company.

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The "Story Songs" package for my new two CD set live recording being released by Palmetto Records on April 7 designed by The Visual Strategist, Gail Marowitz! Can't wait for you to hear it! 😍

Welcomed home by my animals.

Late afternoon, from my bedroom.

Had lunch today with my muse Amber Coney, so it was a good day. She's full of grace and humor. We see the world similarly.

Hanging with two of my favorite people on the planet: Max Jenkins and Anna Mastro.

Wonderful dinner party tonight at Tom Keegan and Davidson Lloyd's house. Great food, great friends.

Jade just called me her oppresser. I wish!

From my bedroom window.

With Jade, who keeps me young with her potions and magic!