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🐝o🐝… 66 grandfather🇳🇱married  Next Clinic at 'Zuidas' somewhere in April info 🔽 minimal account 🔽

Copy and paste this advertisement. To annoy a four year old precedent.

Glass and more by Lavinia....🎶🎶🎶🙏

Music is better for the brain than words.

Donald Trump shows us everyday's white power. Nina Simone is still showing black power. Make your choices every day.…

The enemy of the state is bringing fake news. Again and again. Who is he? Why does he do this? I tell you: he is me...! He does this to please me! If we want to make America great again... join me, him and I'll tell you America will be fake again! Let's do this together. We can do it. Together. Act. Common.

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! You got to give for what you take…

👴🏻 old man caught or found? Wish you all a good week ahead!

#Warning .

Have #power is clear: you have it. Power gain is less obvious: you get it by showing power, opposition mobilizes itself is shaped so that the displayed power will grow in strength through correct interpretation of the opposition. That is not theory but practice. Something special goes for opposition against unlawful use of force. It focuses on how to give the opposition form. Loses purpose of the power of the eye: more power. Thereby unintentionally forgotten of what is the ultimate goal of power: more power needs and creates rules. Rules that can interpret it at will, disregard or run. Ultimately, will not see the performer, the bureaucracy, the forest through the trees and kick the bucket.

#Waarschuwing .

#Macht hebben is duidelijk: je hebt het. Macht verwerven is minder duidelijk: je krijgt het door macht te tonen, tegenwerking mobiliseert zich, krijgt vorm waardoor de getoonde macht in kracht zal toenemen door correcte interpretatie van de tegenwerking. Dat is geen theorie maar praktijk. Voor verzet tegen onrechtmatig gebruik van macht geldt iets bijzonders. Men focust op hoe het verzet vorm te geven. Verliest ongewild het doel van de macht uit het oog: meer macht. Meer macht heeft regels nodig. Regels die het naar believen kan interpreteren, naast zich neerleggen of uitvoeren. Uiteindelijk ziet de uitvoerder, de bureaucratie, door de bomen het bos niet meer en legt het loodje.
#Advertencia .

Tener el #poder es claro: lo tienes. La ganancia de potencia es menos obvia: se obtiene mostrando poder, la oposición se moviliza a sí misma se configura de modo que la potencia mostrada crezca en fuerza a través de la interpretación correcta de la oposición. Eso no es teoría sino práctica. Algo especial va para la oposición contra el uso ilegal de la fuerza. Se centra en cómo dar la forma de la oposición. Pierde el propósito del poder del ojo: más poder. Por lo tanto, sin querer, olvidado de lo que es el objetivo final del poder: más poder necesita y crea reglas. Reglas que se pueden interpretar a voluntad, desatender o correr. En última instancia, no ver el artista, la burocracia, el bosque a través de los árboles y patear el cubo.

Be an example to others, knowing that you will fail in this.
Always start searching with the blame on yourself. Even if it clearly does not lie with you.
Give the other person time and space you have created for yourself.
Life is an exercise in patience. The patience that you have not, will have to muster another.
Each space is limited. Both in time and other measurements. Every measure has been widely accepted by people. That you have to realize when you claim space or time.

Thanks to the inspirational light of Harco Loor! Just cleaned them! I apologize for not being with you: old and new IGers. Thousands of pictures taken with my iPhone4 have the wrong time. I'm busy with repairing ever half day of the day. It are 'only& #39; the hours and minutes which are wrong.... but there are thousands of these... no need for pity...

The danger that threatens every human, is obvious. From inside view we are all equal. But who can look in there? Yes, you, yourself can! But you sure don't like it when others take a look over there. Oh yes and actually it is not really possible. It's easy to look at the wrong things in there! Small pieces you can show, but the whole is not even clear for you. So we watch our exterior and that of the other. Which you can see, describe and evaluate. One person is black on the outside, the other scary white, yellow, or even worse a color, which corresponds to the way in which weak coffee is presented.
The light also has again overcome this year's night. Let it shine a little inside. Be happy with who you are and admit the other is of the same kind. Inside where no one looks.

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