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🐝o🐝… 66 grandfather🇳🇱married  Next Clinic at 'Zuidas' somewhere this summer info 🔽 minimal account 🔽

New life!

One of the surprising lookup's you can have in the old town of Haarlem.

Fallen tree revisited

We need more and more and more… electricity is great, it's great, great, great. Great it is…let's need some more…


Wish you all a wonderful weekend...

Copy and paste this advertisement. To annoy a four year old precedent.

Glass and more by Lavinia....🎶🎶🎶🙏

Music is better for the brain than words.

Donald Trump shows us everyday's white power. Nina Simone is still showing black power. Make your choices every day.…

The enemy of the state is bringing fake news. Again and again. Who is he? Why does he do this? I tell you: he is me...! He does this to please me! If we want to make America great again... join me, him and I'll tell you America will be fake again! Let's do this together. We can do it. Together. Act. Common.

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