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Nora Fatehi | نورا فتحي  - Only Nora Fatehi Matters 🔐 - She liked (×44) ❤ - She follows Me (02/11/2018) 😍

The most beautiful girl I have seen in my world ❤ #norafatehi #morrocanfans @norafatehi (Nora liked 🤗)

She's like a butterfly 😍. She looks so sexy that she is more beautiful than the beauty itself🔥#norafatehi #morrocanfans @norafatehi (Nora liked 🤗)

So cute my heartbeats nora ❤😋 #norafatehi #morrocanfans @norafatehi (Nora liked 🤗)

Oh so cute 🤣😘 #norafatehi #morrocanfans @norafatehi (Nora liked🤗)

So sweet really 😍 looking beauty of my love nora she made me crazy ever 😘
NO NO NO 😂😂 #norafatehi #morrocanfans @norafatehi (Nora liked🤗)

Queen of dance 😍 hot hot 🔥 #norafatehi #morrocanfans @norafatehi (Nora liked🤗)

Barbie girl 😍 I can not describ all this beauty 🔥 #norafatehi #morrocanfans @norafatehi (Nora liked🤗)

Fire fire fire 🔥!! Hot Queen 😍 #norafatehi #morrocanfans @norafatehi (Nora liked🤗)

Queen of beauty ever i love her style Always 😍😘😘 #norafatehi #morrocanfans (Nora Liked🤗)

Beauty of my heartbeat Nora is a collection of pure gold, crystal, diamonds and many more sweets and chocolate 😜, and beauty of my sweetheart Nora goes mind and eye 😘 .. i'm in love with this lovely pic 👑... #norafatehi #morrocanfans @norafatehi (Nora Liked🤗)

I'm so excited 😍 Dilbar Dilbar ❤ #norafatehi #morrocanfans @norafatehi (Nora Liked🤗)

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