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"MOMMMMMM! Why does HE get to play with matches?" #fourthkid #goldenvalleysixpack

It's been a week since the first FeMNist Day Unconference & Night Market! Reflecting on this day and these beautiful photos by @kyleeleonetti is truly life-giving.
In all of my work with @stillkickinco @ttfapodcast & @hotyoungwidowsclub there are talented, capable, smart women who keep all the projects moving forward and contribute their time and creativity to make being alive better. This day was for all of us showing up, grinding away and dismantling the patriarchy.
FeMNist Day wouldn't have come together without the support of our sponsors. These companies stepped up to support and celebrate women and their ideas, products, and visions. We couldn't be more thankful for their support! @hotwireglobal @clockworkinteractive @fameretail @wheniwork
Until next year...

We scheduled our yearly family photos with @kyleeleonetti for the day of Stormy's baptism. As soon as we got home, Matthew was violently ill and I was taking care of him (eating coffee cake) so the resulting photo shoot makes it look like Matthew's parents are the proud parents of these four. I love it. #goldenvalleysixpack

Saw a new state this weekend with my BFF Dave. We spent 72 hours eating snacks, drinking coffee, and working on our creative projects. This was really valuable time for us to do nothing but WRITE, and I so appreciate that we both have partners who are like, "yeah, fly to somewhere you choose at random to write with your pal. We'll be at home raising the kids, nbd." Not everyone has that kinda support, and it's a really big deal.
Dave and I both wasted our 20s believing we were too busy and not special enough to make things. We were NOT BUSY and probably not special but it turns out you don't need to be!
WE ALSO SAW SEVERAL BUFFALO. #chroniclesofnornia

A year ago, my in-laws came home from a dream vacation to find their oldest son dead in his apartment. Matthew lost his older brother. The kids lost their uncle. Michael had been lost and found so many times over his life but he was getting better and although I'd only known him a year or so I felt like he was HERE. Really here. He had a place and a job and for someone with severe mental illness and addiction issues those things we take for granted are huge. We are all complicated, and when a complicated person dies in a complicated way, it is hard to know what to say and so many of us just didn't say anything and that haunts me. I am sitting in an airport alone, crying, and these words popped into my head. My sister @meghanmcinerny wrote them 11 years ago, and I memorized them. They were written for someone else, but today they are for you. And Michael. And for everyone who loved him, especially his parents. I will say this: Michael you are loved and missed and remembered.

I liked this guy RIGHT AWAY. But I loved him the second I saw him as a dad. It wasn't a performance, it was just his true nature shining through. It's very easy to be a person who says they'd do anything for their kids (I would never say that because I have limits and I know myself). It's a whole other thing to devote yourself to the often grueling practice of parental love. The part that isn't made for Instagram. Matthew is made for all of it, steps up to every challenge, is kind and fair and humble. Also when the baby is sick (again!) he snuggles him so I can sleep an extra hour. Two hours. #goldenvalleysixpack

February 2012. Three months after brain surgery. Knee deep in chemo. At Disneyworld with our niece and nephew and @nikkipope. This is the day we decided to have kids, and this is probably the moment, too. #chroniclesofnornia

I have this effect on men.
#stormtrooperluckycharm 📸: @kyleeleonetti

A year ago, I dragged my baby and my postpartum bod to @studio125mpls to spend the day with @wolfisthenewblack and @chelseywerth. We showed up, had fun, and Chelsey HAND DREW the @ttfapodcast so Brandon could create a photo that fully represents this show I love to make. We get to do TWO live shows again at the Fitzgerald Theater in Saint Paul, April 13 and 14! Tickets are on the internet somewhere.

This is how we spend our days: I write, and she keeps watch over the cul de sac.

My Buster Bluth. #motherboy #themchartmorts 📸: @nylonsaddle

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