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Rachel  A girl in the south U.S. that's obsessed with k-pop, k-beauty, and k-dramas. Skin type: sensitive, oily/combo, pores that are visible from space.


I was so thrilled to win the Whal Myung giveaway in October (I'M SO BEHIND ON MY ENTIRE LIFE, GUYS). How they wrapped up everything is literally the prettiest packaging I've ever seen and I've kept this box out so I could look at this beautiful blue paper.

I won a bottle of the Whal Myung Skin Elixir, a spray nozzle, and a beautiful fan patterned pouch. The fan pouch is inspired by Whal Myung's logo and the coloring on this is so pretty. The Skin Elixir comes in this really lovely wooden cylinder and the nozzle in a envelope.  I thought the cool wood container totally rocked my world ... until I opened it up and smelled the Skin Elixir. GUYS. It smells divine. It's a sweet, sort of herbal fragrance that I'm not really sure how to describe but it literally makes my whole day to smell it as I apply. This is my fav new thing. It's supposed to be an all in one product and you need to shake it before applying because of the oils (toner + oil = emulsion?). I'm not ready to make a full review on this product, but my early impressions are that it makes my skin feel really "juicy" and plump. YOOOOO.

Thank you to @whalmyung for this amazing giveaway!! I know it's December but enjoy a last taste of fall with this photo.

P.S. I'm really struggling with finding an app that lets me watermark without turning the photo quality into liquid ūüí©. I apologize to your eyes. ¬†#whalmyung¬†#skinelixir #dongwha #1897 #asianbeauty #rasianbeauty¬† #sensitiveskin #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #asianskincare¬†#abcommunity¬†#koreanskincare #kskincare #sheetmask

Review time! This is the Soo Ae Charcoal Clay Bubble Mask which was part of a prize I received from the @sooae.official giveaway.

The package says: "This all-in-one mask instantly purifies troubled skin with the combined power of activated binchotan charcoal, kaolin and bentonite clay, and oxygen bubbles." Okey dokey.

The clay bubble mask starts off as a dark gray, thick creamy sorta texture (no real "clay/powder" texture to it), which turns light greenish as it bubbles. It's best to apply the product evenly and quickly. How much bubble action you get depends on how much product you applied. I started out applying it thinly on my t zone, then realized I should apply it thicker so I had only a little bit of bubbles on my t zone and moar on the rest of my face. (swipe for sexy masking vid) This didn't turn into "cloud face" but that might be because of how much I applied. It's fragrance free, which I appreciated a lot.
The bubbling action felt really tickly, so I was happy to rinse it off. The directions say to massage with wet fingertips when it bubbles up. Adding that water made it morph into a heavy clay liquid. It took me a long time to wash off the mask. I didn't use the whole pack, so you can use lots if you like to really go for it.

The Results:

My pores looked cleaner, especially the pores on my cheeks where I applied more of the product! Unfortunately, something about this mask didn't agree with my sensitive skin. My skin was red and tender afterwards. Maybe I left the mask on for too long or the struggle to rinse it off may have been too much "rubbing," if that makes sense. After the redness calmed down I did think my skin looked brighter and overall with better pores. I wouldn't mind trying this again some day in case the irritation was solely user error.

Thank you Soo Ae for the fun prize!

#sooae #claymask #asianbeauty #rasianbeauty #skincare #sensitiveskin #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #asianskincare #abcommunity #koreanskincare #kskincare #sheetmask #sheetfaced

Review time! This is the My Scheming Bamboo Charcoal + Volcano Mud Extract Pore Minimizing Mask.

I have sensitive, oily-combo skin with pores that can be seen from space (Space Pores‚ĄĘ).¬†The package claims: "Bamboo charcoal and volcano mud extract regulates and balances oil secretion, tightens pores, removes dull & rough skin to leave your skin tender and radiant like a baby." My Scheming is one of my favorite Taiwanese brands for sheetmasks and you know I'm all about minimizing pores so I was excited to give this a try.

It has a clear, light essence as you'll find with a lot of My Scheming masks. The mask material is thin-ish with a decent fit for my face shape. The mask was soaked and really held the essence well. There was probably more than 1 tablespoon of the essence leftover. The fragrance was a floral sort of scent that I couldn't quite place my finger on, but it reminded me of the Naruko Alps Edelweiss Soothing & Calming Mask. The directions say to wear for 20-30min; I got distracted and wore it for about 40min.

And the part you've been waiting for: The results.

Holy biscuits, you guys! I was really surprised that it did reduce the appearance of my pores considerably. The effect isn't long lasting, maybe a couple hours or so, but dang. It was brightening and a bit mattifying with a light feel on the skin so I could totally see myself doing this mask before a special event.

This mask was friendmail from the always lovely @emilysdaily_gram. Thank you, Emily!

#asianbeauty #rasianbeauty #skincare #sensitiveskin #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #asianskincare #abcommunity #koreanskincare #kskincare #taiwaneseskincare #tbeauty #tskincare #sheetmask #sheetfaced #myscheming

Review time! This is the Leaders Insolution Aquaringer Treatment Mask. It's also a very very late entry/ #latergram for the #masksthatdontgetmewet challenge. Not sure when I'm going to get tired of that hashtag. Haha.

I think this one stayed so long in my stash because every time I thought about using it I was like "nooo, it's a hydrating mask, I should save this for when my skin is really thirsty." Am I the only one who does this?

I masked twinned this with the always lovely @acute.glow way back in May but I forgot to post the review. Who makes notes on a mask and doesn't post the review? This crazy lady.

The package says its Alps glacier water "intensively hydrates dry skin for smoother, softer and healthier skin" that that it revives tired, stressed skin. Okey dokey yo.

This mask has a really thick essence that feels like a gel. The thin, perforated mask sheet holds the essence well and it feels good on the skin (really soft). The fragrance smells a lot like another mask but I can't put my finger on it. Maybe the Leaders Soothing Aloe?

Afterwards the essence stayed heavy and sticky on the skin. Even after an hour it was still tacky. ūüėď Throwing a sleeping pack on top finally helped bring down the stickiness. But the mask left my skin really nicely plumped and very hydrated. Definitely "revived." I need more of these.

#asianbeauty #rasianbeauty #skincare #sensitiveskin #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #asianskincare #abcommunity #koreanskincare #kskincare #sheetmask #sheetfaced #leadersinsolution

Review time! This is the Naruko Dermalane 1000 Molecule Hyaluronic Acid Mask.

But before we get to the review part ;) I'm finally trying to get back in the swing of Instagram things. In July, my husband and I volunteered in orphanages in China for 16 days. It was a lot of really long days (but very rewarding!) and finding our "new normal" after the trip has been strange haha. I've been missing all y'all on Insta though.

OK. Back to the review. I am a total Naruko fangirl ūüėć and I absolutely love their masks.¬†I got these masks as part of the prize package from a very generous @fiddysnails giveaway.‚̧Thank you!

This Naruko Dermalane Hyaluronic mask is thin and comfortable to wear with a light, clear essence. The fit is a bit strange because there's only a slit for the mouth. ūüėď Swipe for my thoughts in pictures haha. The fragrance is also very light.

Results: It is a champ at hydration. My skin always feels happier, a little plumper (that's such a weird adjective), and well-hydrated. My skin just feels very satisfied. An all around solid choice for a hydrating mask.

I enjoyed these masks a lot, however these are outside my normal "price point" for masks. ūüėď I probably won't be able to buy more for a while, so I'm going to hoard my last precious mask from this box for a very long time haha.

#asianbeauty #rasianbeauty #skincare #sensitiveskin #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #asianskincare #abcommunity #koreanskincare #kskincare #taiwaneseskincare #tbeauty #tskincare #sheetmask #sheetfaced #naruko

Review! This is the Benton Cacao Moist and Mild Cream, provided by @bentoncosmetic for review purposes. The Benton Snail Bee masks hold a special place in my heart as some of the very first sheetmasks that I tried so when I got the opportunity to review their new cream I was so stoked.

I have sensitive, oily-combo skin, but it's not yet super hot as ūüćí+ 90% humidity here (when my face turns into an oil slick). Right now I'd say my skin is leaning more towards "normal" than oily?

This is a first impressions review after about a week of use. Benton explains that this lightweight cream has cacao extracts for dewy complexion, is suitable for summer, and is a naturally derived, mild cream. It has no discernable fragrance.

Spoiler: I love this cream.

Here are a few ways I've used this cream and how it worked for my skin.

Normal Night Routine ‚ėĎ: When used in place of any other creams/sleeping packs it was a nice closure. My skin was moisturized and still felt light the next day.

Lazy ‚ėĎ: I went the lazy route at night and after washing my face this Benton cream was literally all I applied and it was awesome. Woke up with soft, dewy, happy skin.

Morning ‚ėĎ: I don't normally wear creams during the day, but I gave this a try for day use. I lightly applied the Benton and gave some time for dry down before applying my Biore Watery Essence sunscreen. It felt great on my skin and my skin didn't get more shiny than "dewy" during the day.

Night Routine + Sheetmask ‚ėĎ: The only time I found myself with too much shininess is when I used a heavier sheetmask. Since I wash my face in the morning the extra shine wasn't a problem.

For my skin, this was a perfect texture and super mild. I think that even when my skin gets crazy oily for summer that this will still be a good finishing touch, but we'll see.

If you have very oily skin in a hot and humid climate I'd suggest checking out the review from the always amazing @colebiancardi. If you have dry skin these lovely dry skin ladies have posted reviews: @snuggle_bunnies @littleemptybottles.

Thanks, Benton, for the opportunity to try this cream.

Review! For the #MasksThatDontGetMeWet challenge I used the My Scheming Snail Essence Hydrating Mask.

I love My Scheming masks, but I have other beloved snail masks so this one waited patiently for me in my stash. When I got caught outside with no body sunscreen on (don't be like me, kids) and burned my shoulders I knew it was time to bring out the mighty snail. My face, neck, and chest had sunscreen but it was still a lot of sun exposure.

The package indicates it "enhances skin hydration level and forms a visible skin protective layer." Alrighty then.

These are the thinnest, oh so thin, sheetmasks and they feel like a dream on my skin. Just so comfortable to wear. Soft like a unicorn's butt. I tossed this in the hotel mini fridge for a couple minutes and the extra cooling sensation was lovely.

The essence is very thin and has a generic sheetmask scent. There was a metric crappe tonne of extra essence leftover which I asked my husband to apply all over my burned shoulders. (Swipe if you like to cringe at the consequences of others' mistakes.) He was like, "Oh my God, there's MORE?" when I kept pouring more and more of the extra essence into his hand haha. I don't know if it actually did anything for the sunburn (it's not made for that) but it certainly felt nice on the skin.

The Results.

Moisturizing, soothing, calming snaily goodness in a super soft, super thin mask. I'm in love and want to buy a box of these when I finish my forever no buy.

#myscheming #snail #myscheming #myschemingmask #asianbeauty #rasianbeauty #skincare #sensitiveskin #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #asianskincare #abcommunity #koreanskincare #kskincare #taiwaneseskincare #tbeauty #tskincare #sheetmask #sheetfaced

Review! For the #MasksThatDontGetMeWet challenge I used the Beauty Friends II Coenzyme Q10 mask.

Not sure why this particular mask spent so much time in my stash. Maybe because the brand has "friends" in it as if it's taunting me that "even a sheetmask makes friends easier than you" hahaha. ūüėā¬†The package says it "is designed to deeply moisturize and condition the skin." Okey dokey yo.

The mask sheet was a little thicker than I expected. The fit is particularly awkward around the nose and mouth (swipe for Super Sexy Mask Selfies). The essence is very thin, basically the consistency of water, and it smells like vinegar. Not a low key "if you really think about it it smells like vinegar" but basically a straight up NASAL ASSAULT with vinegar. After you finish gagging into the sink you might notice there's a bit of floral scent, I dunno. I'm not 100% convinced that this mask isn't just straight up white vinegar poured onto a mask sheet.

The Results.

This is supposed to be moisturizing but on my skin this was astringent and stripping. It was ANTI-moisturized like it went back in time and removed the possibility of any future moisture from happening in my face. 15 min post-masking the vinegar smell was still really strong so I rinsed it off.

Trying to think of positives for this mask and the only thing I can think of is that it would be a great mask to shut down the sexytimes if your S.O. is giving you The Look ūüĎÄ but you just aint feeling it today.

#beautyfriends #asianbeauty #rasianbeauty #skincare #sensitiveskin #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #asianskincare #abcommunity #koreanskincare #kskincare #sheetmask #sheetfaced

Review! For the #MasksThatDontGetMeWet challenge I used the Skinfood Everyday Green Tea Mask.

This mask has been in my stash for a very long time because of Guilt By Association. Last time I used a Skinfood mask I had an itchy rash reaction. ūüėĪ It was also right before I got a severe case of poison ivy and the memories are intertwined. I just haven't been able to work myself up to trying this mask because of this history ūüėā but IT'S TIME.

The essence is clear and fairly watery. This mask fragrance is interesting. It's basically a three part smell. First thing you smell is the sweet, grassy "green" scent. Second wave smells like toilet cleaner. Then, after you remove the mask and the essence begins to dry on your face, it smells like vinegar. But this might just be The Super Smeller. Your Smelling Powers May Vary (YSPMV). The essence dries down in about 5min.

The mask itself is very thick and woven with a neat pattern. It's a very heavy mask that felt scratchy on my skin like a bad sweater and I couldn't wait to get it off. 15min is a long time in a demon sweater for your face. But, the fit is pretty decent.

The directions for post-mask crack me up - swipe for gutter brain jokes.

The Results.

This seems like a good mask for oily skin to balance your skin. Skin felt tight afterwards (until I finished my routine) so it may not be suitable dryer skin types. It has a matte finish. It was supposed to be soothing, but I didn't notice that effect. If all you ever wanted was oil reduction and don't mind the demon sweater on your face, this might be the mask for you.

#asianbeauty #rasianbeauty #skincare #sensitiveskin #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #asianskincare #abcommunity #koreanskincare #kskincare #sheetmask #sheetfaced #skinfood

Review! For the #MasksThatDontGetMeWet challenge I used the Pure Smile Royal Jelly Essence Mask.

This came free with an eBay purchase and stayed in my stash for a while mostly because I was mad that the seller put a "thanks for buying our stuff!" type of sticker on the label and made the package ugly. ūüėāūüėāūüėā(See pic for strategically placed flower) I'm such a broken individual.

This is my first Pure Smile mask. The package says it has Vitamin E, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and arbutin. The sheetmask is what I'd describe as a medium weight thickness and with a clear, slightly thicker essence. It first smells like honey candy with some floral notes and then it quickly fades to a sort of alcohol smell. The essence took a little while to dry down and still was a little sticky but following up with the rest of my routine helped with the stickiness.

The fit was pretty decent and the adhesion was good so I didn't have to worry about its sliding around. It cracked me up me that there was a random slit on the nose. Like, is this a mask for Voldemort?ūüĎĹ (Swipe for crazy mask selfies) I'm sure it helps with fit, but I still laughed.

The Results.

I have sensitive, oily-combo demon possessed skin. This was pretty hydrating and it felt like I got some temporary juicy/bouncy skin out of it, too. I didn't notice any whitening or calming - just hydration. I was a little concerned about the alcohol smell, but I enjoyed the mask and I might purchase some of these if I find them at a good price.

#puresmile #asianbeauty #rasianbeauty #skincare #sensitiveskin #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #asianskincare #abcommunity #japaneseskincare #koreanskincare #kskincare #sheetmask #sheetfaced

Review! For the #MasksThatDontGetMeWet challenge I used this TonyMoly Goat Milk Moisture mask.

This is the first TonyMoly mask I've ever used. I think it was a freebie from an eBay order. I put off using it because I was worried it would be oily or smell like a wet dog but IT IS TIME TO FACE THE GOAT.

The TonyMoly website indicates: "Formulated with 50% Raw Goat Milk, this serum provides intense hydration while being very mild, light, and perfect for even the most sensitive skin." Sounds good. Let's take this goat for a test drive.

This mask has a milky essence that still feels light - not oily, like some milky masks. It was very lightly fragranced with some generic floral fragrance. I had to get right up in there with the Super Smeller to get a whiff of the fragrance. The fit was actually pretty great on my alien ūüĎĹ face.¬† The mask was still pretty wet at the end of the recommended wear time. Though the mask material was heavier than some masks, the mask felt soothing and enjoyable to wear.

The Results.

The next morning my skin was reasonably moisturized, but not life changing moisture levels. In general, my skin was really nice, calm, and happy. I am really happy with the results and when I'm off my no-buy I'll be looking for more. I'm tempted to try other goat milk items, too. If nothing else, it's super fun to terrorize your S.O. telling them you're wearing a goat mask.

When I tore open the package it sprayed the extra milky essence all over my mirror. I laughed so hard. I've never had that happen with a sheetmask before. The jokes that followed were definitely not PG-13.

#tonymoly #goatmilk #asianbeauty #rasianbeauty #skincare #sensitiveskin #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #asianskincare #abcommunity #koreanskincare #kskincare #sheetmask #sheetfaced

Review! For the #MasksThatDontGetMeWet challenge I used this Body Prescriptions Oxygen Hydration Mask.

This mask has been in my stash for a while and I think I was just not turned on by the packaging so I gave it the cold shoulder.

The package indicates it's‚Äč for "refreshing, hydrating, cooling, and moisturizing." If you saw my stories a couple nights ago the fit was bizarre. Weirdly shaped eye holes with dramatic eye flaps.¬†It also didn't have great adhesion so it was loose/lumpy. It¬†looked like a clown mask for people who hate bright colors. Swipe if you're ready for ridiculous selfies.

It had a clear essence. There was almost no extra essence in the packet and in general the mask felt kind of dry (not saturated), so that may have contributed to the adhesion issues. The fragrance was vaguely floral but super light. I wore the mask for the recommended amount of time and then rinsed it off as instructed.

The Results.

My skin looked great the next day - brighter and calm. I didn't notice much in the way of hydration and moisturizing. Sad clown jokes aside, I would probably repurchase if I could find them online.

The egg cream mask from this brand gave me better results, but this was more enjoyable to wear because 1) less fragrance, 2) hilarious clown faces for 20 minutes.

#bodyprescriptions #asianbeauty #rasianbeauty #skincare #sensitiveskin #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #asianskincare #abcommunity #koreanskincare #kskincare #sheetmask #sheetfaced

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