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Fuk Dat  When something happens in America... NOTHING HAPPENS IN AMERICA... Shit don't really change.

Haribo got the game on lock tho


I've seen toddlers put together better excuses.

If i had to guesstimate I'd have to say that I'm aware of about 80% of my bullshit... I have a fix for 20%, ive learned to live with 40% and accepted it as who i am and the other 40% i have no idea how to fix or I have no idea it exists #UnknownUnknown

"Slime time" is kinda catchy tho....

...been working on that look for years... #IDontHitWomen #YourBadAssLilKidsCanCatchTheStrapTho

You can do better Queen, Know your worth.

I could go about 10 rounds before my right arm gets tired. *plot twist im a lefty*💪🏾

This is all i got B

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