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denzel 📸  pixel pushas creative group, ncat alumnus, photographer & retoucher creating "content & culture"

I just want to thank God for: life, love, loved ones, those who walked out of my life, those still in it, clarity, purpose, drive, perseverance, the struggle, and courage to get through it all. Take a second and thank God with me-- even comment below what you're thankful for.

touch your neighbor and say "neighbor," ... "i dont look like what i've been through."

there's a disconnect, we don't call yall "shooters" over here. || teamed up with two of the dopest photographers today. to recognize greatness in the room be dwarfed by humility is an amazing feeling. with that said... expect some major moves from us.

Putting another meaning to #AggieEagleClassic || pictured above is @therealsheeran , shot x @denzel.fx

comfort || shot x @nikondon

a throwback that makes me think of how I mustard up the courage to ask her out. when she's happy she does this smirk to hide her smile. like... "you aint gotta hide it from me li' mama."

today's scrapbook saturday comes from august of 2014 when i first moved to greensboro. It was also my first time building a cloud from scratch.

black boys dont get the opportunity to be black boys. black boys are handed down the responsibilities of aged black boys who never knew how to be black men. most black men never had the chance to be black boys. our light is often dimmed before the world could gauge our brightness... like shooting stars, boy. || model: @kashadmilik

"the streets is a short stop. either you're selling crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot." - Notorious BIG

a short-stop film: choose your destiny. || actor: @kashadmilik, shot by: @denzel.fx

I finally have an updated picture of me. 😬 I just revealed I've been recycling photos for the past month (possibly two). @gapfr0 pulled up and was able to bless me with his talents. || #ncat #ncatphotographer #uncg #imnotamodel #rolemodel maybe #butimnotamodel #drylips #themthangsdryasaMUGboooyyy

cant put concrete meanings on abstract ideas. || #ncat || the face of the anonymous, @baronbleu

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