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today is #internationalwomensday and i am sticking up for those who do not have a voice! every year more than half a million babies are murdered. Yes murdered. Why are we saying its a womans right to legally murder a baby when we are murdering many woman! have u ever wondered why we haven't had any breakout genius like they did back in the day? Albert Einstein, as an example. Maybe its bc our genetic make up is POWERFUL! we can have a combination of millions, scientist still have a lot to learn about our DNA..and we are KILLING these babies who could very well have the dna that would make them discover ground breaking things that we have yet to discover such as a cure to cancer! An estimate of 58 MILLION have been killed since the late 70s. Did you know LESS THAN ONE PERCENT of abortions is bc of rape, incest, mother at risk to mental or physical issues and the baby at risk? LESS THAN ONE FOR ALL OF THOSE! (Source by the Government (CDC)The other percentages can easily be fixed with proper protection and sex education. Why is abortion so easily obtained? Killing a baby isn't killing just cells. we are all cells... in fact, some scientists argue babies feel pain more immensely than we do. If more people put babies up for adoption, females in job occupations would increase a great percentage. Not only that but adoption "price& #34; would go down. A unborn baby is still a human and just because they can't talk does not mean you should be murdering them. If you wouldn't kill yourself then why tf would you kill a innocent baby? i understand certain and special circumstances but an abortion just because ur not ready, or ur too poor is not only selfish but it's wrong. Put the baby up for adoption. put others needs before your own.. I will be the voice of those who can not speak!
i respect your pro choice opinions as I was pro choice not long ago too but I hope you open your eyes and heart! do some research.: Planned Parenthood lies to you btw.. just throwing that in.
#VEGAN #prolife #abortionismurder #womansday #adaywithoutwomen πŸ™ŒπŸ»

in america females are equal. we co own property, go to school, have a job, pay taxes, get divorced and married by choice. WHICH IS AMAZING! I am a woman and I am proud! But this day used to represent the oppressions of others and now it represents protesting?! smh. stand up for REAL opression faced in other countries. Did you know more than ONE MILLION girls under 18 will learn how to have sex before they learn how to read? Because rape is common. Did you know more than 3 million girls can never go to school and an estimate of 25,000(around the world) will be murdered this year because they will dress up as a boy and try to to to school. So ya'll lets focus on how lucky we are that America's progress with Women's rights was AMAZING and lets fight REAL oppression for women in other countries. #internationalwomensday #Iworkbecause my ancestors fought for my right to work and go to school. Meanwhile, our privileged protestors today act like we are still victimized in America bc God forbid your tax dollars won't fund murdering of babies AKA abortions anymore. #PROLIFE #abortionismurder #YOURCHOICE but taxes should not cover it. Get health insurance 😊

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just ur average night πŸ˜‚πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ #cyrusvscyrus

The iHeartRadio Music Awards, hosted by Ryan Seacrest, will air live this Sunday on TBS, TNT and truTV at 8 p.m. EST! guess who will be presenting and guess who will be performing with Big Sean & Labrinth?! 😿😻🎢🎧 its a #Cyrus night at @iheartradio! make sure to tune in!

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a lot harder than it looks? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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{Almost Famous} live acoustic version! double tap and check it out
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