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5 week update- 18 pounds down, I’m so close to 20!! How exciting! For anyone following my journey, i have been eating intuitively and crossfit 4-5x a week. I have cut out fried food, and monitoring my sweet tooth. My husband and I go out on the weekend, but keep it reigned in. I found what helps is eating 70 percent healthy when going out but split something that’s a little naughty. Aka workout for the bread. .
I also have some of the best coaches at my gym. @beattym50 and @hiit_factory_fitness teach most of my classes and have been working with building my cardio and strengthening my lower back. The first day I could hardly do cardio without my inhaler and now I can surpass my first day by 10000x.

There’s nothing better looking then a tall, dark, bearded man. #always ❤️

4 weeks of intuitively eating and crossfit 4x a week. Down 15 pounds. Read a book that said tell your body your body you are sorry for things you have felt or said and instead tell your body thank you and I love you. Then purify yourself with water that’s been touched by the sun, and erase your past memories. Today is new, embrace happy.

You should give a fuck, but only about things that set your soul on fire. .
Funny how ur life can be completely different in a matter of one year. Dont underestimate the under dog.

Bodhi bode

Living my best life with Ron Ron. Love my fit club coach and friend @hiit_factory_fitness #raaaaahhhnstahhhp

Taking back Sunday & Coheed and Cambria

Update- 8 pounds down. Slowly but surely things are moving for me. I have been training at @fit_club_columbus , and also taking personal sessions with my friend @hiit_factory_fitness . I was discouraged the first couple months because weight wasn’t moving. But after my dexa scan my friend @mollie_simecek gave me at @grandviewprofitness I realized I have been converting fat into muscle. Started my journey in April. Hope this small victory helps anyone that is having trouble. Keep at it, don’t trust the scale, and continue to have self love. You are beautiful. #transformation

When ur fav asks u to be in her wedding @mollie_simecek

When your husband lets you join the expensive sunglass club. Birthday gift ❤️

When ur friend @katieanne100 stops in to do her first crossfit workout. Had so much lifting together 💪 #crossfit #fitclub


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