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noncebaaaaa noncebaaaaa

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Nonss🌻  university of wyoming 20'💛

from me and mine🔐

there are 2 things i never chase : my men and my alcohol🌹

couple of buul kidz😇

you were my cup of tea but i drink champagne now🥂

fuck it up if it’s ya birthday bitch😼

slight flex🍯

no clout❌ no entry‼️

on game days we wear melanin😉✨

happy 20th bday🎂 to the king himself🍔 i hope today was nothing but the best! i love you long time💕

you mustard heard of us?🔑

stuntin is a habit🍒

my son, all mother's dread the day their baby leaves the womb bc it means they're all grown up😢 you've been my best friend for what feels like forever and as annoying as you are i think of you like a brother. do big things at CMU and make ya momma proud👩‍👦 love you my son💕

summertime fine🌺

no one likes a shady beach☀️

yuh dat way↪️

tropic like its hot🌞🌴

thanks for being born bc it means i was born. you da best mom with a capital letter M😉 happy birthday guuuuuurl💕 love you to the moon and 🔙

happy mother's day to the queen herself👸🏾thank you for everything you do💘

TELL ME ABOUT SAVVVY!!!! if y'all couldn't tell it's my best friends mf birthday🎉 idk how i would've gotten through my freshman year w/o you connected at my hip. i love you so much powell 💕 can't have savvvynons w/o savvvy😻

cuz we are sisters, we stand together💕

"where you moving??" i said, "on to better things"😴

happy birthday to the best dad ever!!! don't know how im blessed with the best💕 i love you

name a more iconic duo. i'll wait🤷🏾‍♀️

my hair be red like a cherry⛵️

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