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Nona Kirana  Singapore. Property Agent. ERA Realty Network. Ex-Radio DJ. Ex-TV News Presenter. Pseudo WonderWoman. Call me @ +65 9384-0942. :)

Sometimes in life, it's good to wait. Because Allah is fair and He gives you what you deserve. This is worth the wait. Naik pangkat means higher responsibility. Associate Division Director. Chey chey cheyyyy. Alhamdulillah. Time to work even harder. 😊 #nonaejenrumah #nonakiranaERA #ERASynergyPowerhouse #TeamNona #ERATop10thAchiever #ERATopNewAchiever2015 #kakakkakakejenrumah #mystorysg 25.7.17

Good morning! Throwback to yesterday. Alhamdulillah. I survived a Monday! 🌼 Attended HDB 2nd appointment with my very nice Seller, Kak Sa'adah for the sale of her 3 room flat in Ho Ching Rd. So heartwarming to see her siblings attending the appointment together. When I first started in the industry, her sister engaged me for the sale and purchase of her flat. And then I was recommended by her to assist on her elder sister's flat. I feel very honored each time my past clients put in good words for me, especially to their family members. Thank you for your support. 🌼 Brought my managers to view Belgravia Villas. A freehold cluster housing. I wanted their honest opinion on the project cos we're house hunting now. Hu hu hu. 🌼 Did a second viewing and closing of one of my most challenging units to sell as it's affected with ethnic quota. After many viewings and offers that came to low, this unit finally met it's match. Alhamdulillah thanks to such lovely buyers who are too kind with their compliments. MaShaaAllah. This young couple will be getting married soon and wants to stay near their parents. They will be entitled to a $50,000 first timers grant and also $20,000 proximity Housing grant. I explained to them the plus points of the unit which is 5 mins away to Buangkok MRT and also the potential growth. Plus the house is in move in condition and as first time buyers they will save alot on renovation. Thank you to my Sellers also for being so kind and agreeing to let go at a reasonable price. Alhamdulillah.
It was a very productive Monday yesterday.
Time to move on to another great Tuesday. Have a awesome day ahead you allzzz! 😊
#nonaejenrumah #nonakiranaERA #ERASynergyPowerhouse #TeamNona #ERATop10thAchiever #ERATopNewAchiever2015 #kakakkakakejenrumah #mystorysg 24.7.17

Monday Blues, NOT! Running errands with my bodyguards! 😎 #nonaandherboys #littleempireofhappysouls #KhairAshayr #KhairAshraf #Khairbrothers #nottwins #mystorysg 24.7.17

Why do we hustle all the time? Because we want the best for those we love. A Sunday evening well spent. Alhamdulillah. So blessed to have positive people around me. Money can find. But quality time with those who matters most, is priceless. 😍 Balance is key. Jangan berat sebelah. Hu hu hu. πŸ™ˆ #littleempireofhappysouls #mystorysg 23.7.17

We are here to support our fellow athletes! 🀣 #kiddolympics2017 #imankindergarten #KhairAshayr #KhairAshraf #Khairbrothers #nottwins #mystorysg 23.7.17

Such overwhelming response for Hundred Palms EC! Balloting started at 10am and I'm still here, hoping my buyers number will be called!!! Kecohhh! 😍 #EC #executivecondominium #hundredpalms #nonaejenrumah #nonakiranaERA #ERASynergyPowerhouse #TeamNona #ERATop10thAchiever #ERATopNewAchiever2015 #kakakkakakejenrumah #mystorysg 22.7.17

It's important to go through your financial calculations before deciding to make the leap of faith. Sell now? Can I upgrade or not? Is it a good time to buy? Talk to me and we'll crunch the numbers first. No obligations. Just my honest opinion. Tengok macam Akak tu. Sungguh2 dia bertanya... πŸ˜‚ #nonaejenrumah #nonakiranaERA #ERASynergyPowerhouse #TeamNona #ERATop10thAchiever #ERATopNewAchiever2015 #kakakkakakejenrumah #mystorysg 21.7.17

Morning at hdb. Assisted buyers to upgrade from a 4 room in Fernvale to an Executive Masionette in Tampines. I feel so happy each time I get to be part of their upgrading journey. Most importantly they don't have to top up cash for the monthly mortgage and we even set aside $50k as buffer in their CPF OA account, as a back up.. Manalah tahu, one day si Isteri nak duduk rumah jaga anak dan suami. Hehe. If you are just like my buyers and would like to explore your upgrading options, call me laaa. No need to shy shy cat Ok! 😹 93840942 #nonaejenrumah #ERASynergyPowerhouse #TeamNona #ERATop10thAchiever #ERATopNewAchiever2015 #kakakkakakejenrumah #mystorysg 21.7.17

My early morning view before I leave the house for work. 😻 #KhairAshayr #KhairAshraf #Khairbrothers #nottwins #PutriSashatheragdoll #catsofinstagram #mystorysg 21.7.17

Woodlands lovers! 5 room for SALE!
@ Blk 363 Woodlands Ave 5 πŸ’₯ 5-improved unit. Approximately 120sqm
πŸ’₯Low floor corner unit with unblocked view
πŸ’₯ FOUR intact bedrooms πŸ’₯ Right opposite Woodlands Civic Centre
πŸ’₯ 7 mins away to Causeway Point & Woodlands MRT
πŸ’₯ Well maintained unit with minimal renovation needed πŸ’₯ Low deposit accepted! πŸ’₯ $470K to close!!! Great deal for a unit near the MRT!
Call/SMS/WhatsApp me to arrange for a viewing.
HP: 93840942
Nona Kirana ERA
ERA Realty Network

Takde sebab. Saje nak Snapchat and belanja #selfie satu. Hu hu hu. πŸ™ˆ My pretty Sofearose Shawl is from @lexiezara ... So you know what to do ok ladies. ✌ Ok tu je. Back to more work. #nonaejenrumah #nonakiranaERA #ERASynergyPowerhouse #TeamNona #ERATop10thAchiever #ERATopNewAchiever2015 #kakakkakakejenrumah #mystorysg 17.7.17

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