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I honestly doubt that I have ever been more proud of an edit. Also I rewatched this movie last night so I had to do this edit, ya know? •

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nikki is typing... i don’t know why i made this as sad as I did but it seems kind of fitting with it and with me 💔
ib: @windinqq <<< go check it out because hers is way more incredible compared to mine. #aesthetic #cat #billieeilish #calming

“edit” up next

not an edit but i just wanted to say i’m INCREDIBLY sorry for ditching this account. Life’s been pretty hectic recently and i’ve been trying to work on getting a car and stuff so it’s been a lot but i will come back to editing and posting regularly again, i just gotta find a way to and I might teach Emma how to edit too so it’s not just me :)) but be expecting to hear from me or my partner in crime soon <3 thanks to those who stick around, love ya! ~ Nikki

i fr did not expect to get as much backlash for my last edit as i did, dang. So i’m gonna explain, I miss the offices. I do. I miss the main 5 guys. Also i’d like to point out that Ross was not fake. People keep bunching him with what Max did but Adam never said that Ross was fake. He said he was disappointed but he never had any problems with him. And sure Max talked about Adam behind his back as far as we know but really we’ve all talked crap about people behind their backs, it’s only human. We’re not proud of it but we’ve done it. And Max is nothing but grateful towards Adam for every opportunity he has given him. Watch his first couple Q&A videos after leaving the office and you’ll see how genuine he is when he says thank you Adam. So please before you give me hate for missing these guys, know their stories. They’re not as bad as they’ve been made out to be.

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