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NOMOS Glashütte  Fine mechanical watches, built by hand to last a lifetime, designed to look good any time. Welcome to our official Instagram page. #nomosglashuette

NOMOS part(icle) physics, for the last time—and perhaps the finest of them all. These tiny gold chatons—seen here holding the jewel bearings—are found in the exquisite calibers from the NOMOS atelier, which tick inside Lux and Lambda. Prior to this, each chaton is individually pressed into elderberry pith and polished until it gains the perfect shine. Afterwards, few will ever see the chaton again; creating an authentic touch of luxury for the discerning wearer. #nomosglashuette #watchmaking #madeingermany

A watch engraving is a memento for life, and usually to commemorate a special occasion: Passing exams, finding your significant other, or Hannah, 7 lbs, joining the family. What does your NOMOS timepiece remind you of?

How NOMOS Glashütte does sport: white like the seagulls circling the harbor; blue like the sky on a summer’s day; red like Emma’s swimming costume, all those years ago. Bright white, siren blue and red, and Atlantic blue accompaniments that are never shy; watches ready for anything, every day—the pool, the theater, and a triathlon too. #nomosglashuette #nomosaqua

Getting to know your NOMOS—today, straps.

Whether from Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, velour leather, or textile—all the straps from NOMOS Glashütte are beautiful. But do you know how many different sizes they come in?

Here’s a hint:
You can cheat and take a look at! #nomosglashuette #watchstrap #doyouknow

Our #featurefriday snap this week is courtesy of @modus_horologicus, who is the proud owner of our new Club 38 Campus model—one of three timepieces designed for celebrating the special moments in life. Congratulations, it certainly suits you!
#nomosglashuette #nomosclub

So small, and yet an expert in translation: The hour transmission wheel in our world time caliber DUW 5201. When the hour and minute hands turn, it ensures that the small ‘home’ time dial turns too. Which means that while you’re enjoying the sunset at 9:30pm in Honolulu, you’ll know that your colleagues in Berlin are already at work.  #worldtime #watchmaking #nomosglashuette #timezones

Fallen into the pool while kissing? It doesn’t matter—as the watches from the new Aqua series can withstand a great deal more than that. #nomosglashuette #nomosaqua #nomosahoi

Beautiful things can make us happy. They show us who we are—or who we would like to be. Such as Zürich: generously proportioned, confident, and precise. A watch of the world, refined, interesting. And quite automatically so. #nomosglashuette #nomoszuerich

Moms often don’t have it easy. Which is why today, Mother’s Day in Germany, is the perfect opportunity to celebrate some of the best women in the world. Here’s to you! #mothersday

Watch clasps don’t always catch your eye at first or even second glance. And maybe that’s a sign that they’re just perfect. If they subtly complement a watch’s overall design—and do their job well. Such as the winged clasp, which NOMOS designer Thomas Höhnel designed for the neomatik series: Its curved form and low-lying pin ensure that the strap sits close to the wrist. Refined and reserved, slender and elegant like the neomatik watches it accompanies—and simply beautiful. #nomosglashuette #neomatik #watchclasp

Getting to know your NOMOS—today, servicing. How often should you send your timepiece for a full service?
Here’s a hint:
All mechanical watches need a little specialized attention every now and then; it’s to do with the watch oil! #nomosglashuette #watchmaking

Part(icle) physics: The corrector star wheel is one of the 23 parts that were designed especially for the NOMOS caliber DUW 5201, which powers our world time watches. What does it do? This little wheel helps the hour hand spring forward an hour—as the wearer travels from Berlin to Athens, for example. And although its form follows function, according to the Bauhaus design principle, we think it also happens to be rather beautiful. #nomosglashuette #watchmaking #macro

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