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Nommie Nutrition  🌿Rachel BS, DTR • Intuitive Eater • Nutritious, Simple Recipes • nommienutrition.com • nommienutrition@gmail.com •


#tbt to this AMAZING bowl of goodness 🤤sautéed kale • chicken sausage • roasted butternut squash • Used a sheet pan and roasted everything together at 400, kale and chicken sausage added 20 minutes later for another 20 ⌚️ So simple and delish for these busy work days 🔥 What are your fave sheet pan meals?

Taco-ing up this Tuesday with this INSANELY good breakfast taco 🌮 Seriously you NEED to try this combo! Deets: whole wheat tortilla• @traderjoes tomato basil hummus• half of an avocado 🥑• two scrambled eggs 🍳 • topped with everything but the bagel seasoning• So beyond flavorful and packed with flavor 🤤Not to mention this combo of fiber, healthy fat and protein kept me full for SO long!

Starting my Saturday off slow, enjoying my favorite breakfast 🍳 whole wheat toast + avocado 🥑 + egg + sriracha + bacon 🥓 • perfect breakfast to keep me full and energized 💪

So cold today ❄️ and needed a warm and cozy meal to heat me right up, this bowl did the trick 🔥 @traderjoes frozen sweet potato gnocchi with apple chicken sausage 🍎 and Brussels cooked in ghee• literally still drooling over this 🤤 What are your fave frozen go-to's lemme know in the comments below 👇

Anyone else obsessed with the peanut butter 🥜 and chocolate 🍫 combo?! I know I am 🙋🏻using my fave @traderjoes organic PB topped with mini semi sweet chocolate chips 😜perfect way to tame my sweet tooth! What are your fave sweet snacks? Lemme know in the comments below 👇

First toast Tuesday of the year and starting out with a classic! Whole wheat toast, scrambled eggs and of course @traderjoes everything but the bagel seasoning 😜packed full of fiber, protein, fat and FLAVOR 🤤

2018• Hope your new year is full of happiness, love and of course great food 💁🏻 Cheers! 🥂🎊🎉

It's been a year full of too much toast, greens and yummy-ness 😜Thanks for following along! Happy New Year! 🎊🎉

Happy hump day friends! 🐪 Was starving when lunch rolled around today, so made a super filling salad packed with chickpeas, chicken sausage, celery, artichokes, homemade salad dressing and topped with a perfect crispy egg 🍳 What are your fave salad toppings? Lemme know in the comments below 👇

Waking up this morning after a holiday weekend was tough to say the least 😅 Luckily, I had this bowl of goodness to fill me up! Oats with lots of chunky peanut butter 🥜 banana 🍌 topped with some flax seed to get some healthy fats in there 😜 what are your fave oat combos? Lemme know in the comments below 👇

SNACKING• I'm usually not a huge snacker, but with work being so busy around the holidays having prepped and ready veggies has saved me 🙌 love having mine with hummus, which is packed full of protein and keeps my hanger at bay 😏 What are your fave veggies to snack on? Lemme know in the comments below 👇

It's only Tuesday and I'm already dreaming about the weekend 💭 I LOVE weekends cause I have time to cook my little heart out ❤️❤️ like this past weekend when I made this cast iron frittata made out of pretty much everything left in my fridge 😅 what are your fave ways to use leftovers? Lemme know in the comments below 👇

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