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Nomi  •I'm really awkward but feel free to stay if you want to see some traditional and mediocre at best (Fan-)art 🐙 •multifandom account (mostly dbh tho)

Day 7: Phobia

No I didn't miss any inktober/goretober days and ruined my perfect drawing routine!? Not at all! What are you talking about?
. . .Okay i may have
And I would be pretty mad about it if it wouldn't have been for a friend of mine who needed me🌼

Day 4: stitched together

With every new day my drawings get less and less gory. Not ideal for #goretober ... Still I had a lot of fun drawing this beautiful lady 🔥

Day 4: Cut in half

I wanted to post this in time just cause but I'll probably color it tomorrow.
You can't imagine the amount of braincells dying due to these frickin wires. I thought I'd go crazy. had a great time. 10/10👌
I'll never do this again

Day 2: Cannibalism

I'm already sick of inktober but I'll stay strong 😅

Day 1: Poisonous || Decapitated

Instead of doing both I'll probably just switch between the #inktober prompt list and a #goretober one I found on twitter. Let's see how long I can last this year!

Day 479: the dbh fandom still holds me captive
I don't mind though the Connorarmy is a bunch of lovely people 💙
Since I have school vacation I might even find the time to participate in this years Inktober or maybe Goretober. I'm not sure yet.

The more I tried saving it the worse it got.
Damn. Learning to use Watercolors sure is frustrating...
but I'll get the hang of it eventually🌼
Until then I'll just blame it on my brushes
#detroitbecomehumanfanart #connorarmy #savethefish #art #watercolor #dbhfanart #dbh #dbhconnor #detroitbecomehuman

A #wip I started this evening. At this point I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. I'm still learning how to use watercolors...
And I have a feeling that I'll regret staying up for this all night in the morning. Welp. Good night or whatever time it is where you're living ♡✨

Guess which one I colored first😅
It turns out that mixing watercolors isn't actually as easy as I thought it would be but I'll get a feeling for it eventually!

School frustrated me so I started doodling instead of actually tackling the problem which was *obviously* the right choice 👌

I still can't get over my trash boys 🌼

I really tried sketching something different but in the end I ended up with these two again 😅

It's just too adorable to not post

Ugh I spend too much time trying to figure out how to draw dbh characters. Let's just call it anatomy practise 😅
... I think I'll start working on something bigger today.
It may or may not be some more dbh fanart 👀

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