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Picture perfect! 😍

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The magnificent Dhauladhar Ranges! ❤️ Photo: @architravelgrapher

Words of wisdom & the photo by @creedazofficial

Things I learned from the outdoors:

a) I never ask how much distance we need to cover in a trek. I always ask the tentative time we need to finish one. Because, it is not the length of the trail l that matters, it is actually the relief features (gradient, friction) and weather that makes a trek easy or difficult.

b) No trek is neither easy nor hard in itself. It is the way/style in which we decide to do the trek, that makes it an easy or a tough one. If you do a small trek while carrying everything you need on your shoulders then it will test your skills (how to pack your backpack, now to plan your meals, what to carry and what to leave, which route to take etc.) and will be a better learning experience as compared to the experience where you subscribe to various services for your trek.

c) Trekking is cost effective if you focus more on your mental and physical fitness rather than focusing on accumulating trekking gear. Trust me when I say this, Our TOTAL expenditure for the Bhrigu lake (14,200 feet) was INR 350/- for two individuals for 2D/1N'. I agree that we had most of the things that you need for a trek like sleeping bag, tent, mat, fuel and gear but still, since we had a decent speed we could wind up the trek quickly with minimal resources at our disposal.

Did you know?

Torna fort is famous for the stories regarding paranormal activities witnessed by trekkers. Many still believe that the ghost of one priest named Divakar roams near Menghai temple at night. 😟

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How many of you have trekked Kalavatin Durg in the monsoons?! 😍

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“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing it.”
- Andy Rooney

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Stargazing on a trek. ❤️ Photo: @the_travelholic_

Happy weekend, folks!
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Did you know that Gomukh glacier is the source of the river Ganga?

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Enjoying the sunrise after a tiring hike up is the most rewarding thing on a trek.

Do y'all agree?

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Can't wait for the monsoons! 💚

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