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Kate Casey  vegan for the animals / flight attendant for the benefits & days off

progress 🕊 next steps : new fan, remove popcorn ceiling, new white hurricane proof sliding doors, fresh white paint.

🇧🇸 Bahamas / Caribbean Cruise with my momma

🕊 #crewlife

My morning ritual lately has been to grab my journal and fill a mason jar with iced coffee and head to the beach for sunrise. I didn’t know the amount of beauty I was missing right down my street every day for the past year.

We are a week away from the year mark of moving into our home in Jupiter. As the “newness” wears off, a more calm way of being is settling in. I’ve lived in 10 cities in 10 years so this is new for me. I’m challenging myself to create a healthy life filled with cherished moments and a grateful heart. Creating beauty in everyday, real life. Reminding myself right now to feel the sweetness in the still moments my day is filled with.

We ate outside here without knowing there was so many pretty blooms over us surrounding the sign. We kept wondering why everyone was taking pictures! After we left we looked back and it all made sense. Paris is filled with so much pretty. 💕

so in love with where i live! so in love with these people & grateful for hot summer days like this one. i felt so blissed out going 50mph on the open sea 🌊 we spent hours on the jet skis this day. quarter mile out from the beach we jumped off our jet skis and drifted in the ocean without another human in sight. we ate a picnic lunch at a teeny island. this day i saw 2 pods of dolphins, a 4 foot sting ray, shark and massive sea turtles. best day ever. #gopro #jetski #jupiter #fl

day off / home

🥑 toast • by chloe

We started dating in Paris 3 years ago and just happened to be back in Paris over our anniversary without even planning it. I hate to brag because I was single THREE YEARS before him and know it sucks seeing all the gushing couple posts if you’re currently alone but I hope that if you’re single at the moment you hold out for a guy like him too. 💕 Often I look at this beautiful man who helps me out so much and think how can this be real? How is this my life? He couldn’t be a better man. His sweet soul, thoughtfulness and all he does for me continues to blow my mind. So grateful for him everyday! From traveling the world, living in a trailer for a year to buying a 3 bedroom by the sea in Jupiter with 0 furniture and filling it 100% as a team it’s been a wild ride so far. I love that our story began in this magical city. #PARIS

Cooking in our first Airbnb of the trip. I love pretending to be Parisian when visiting the city and prefer to stay in Airbnb’s whenever I can! It’s so interesting to see how the French decorate little nooks with random art and antiques in their homes. #PARIS

Something about Paris makes me feel courageous. I feel a rush of self esteem and a lessening of anxiety. It’s the craziest thing! Perhaps it comes from feeling so much bliss every moment I am awake in that magical city. When worry subsides, a clear vision can finally surface past all the muck of worry and self doubt that normally swirls inside my brain. I can see what I want so clearly and I find the boldness to ask for it. I’ve had some of the most important conversations of my life near this tower, and 3 nights ago when this photo was taken was no exception. #PARIS #eiffeltower

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