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Young tbt sat..miss this place😊...crazy Lwazie🤗

Qoute "Dont do it because everyone else is doing.Do u and dont apologize" my gal👊 @lendisi ...Have great day errry1❤

Tbt friday🐃🐬🐜🐱Ⓜ

Hump😚done,home time🤗

Squat deep🏁about today #legday..

Good night fam❤

Feels😊😃get bored, cant deal....

On Strike👎"stopwomanviolence"✂..I want to thank my followers for never giving up on their goals and dreams and just the simple fact that you visit my page for inspiration means you want to be inspired way or the other✋keep up dont give up#might be going through some challanges in life at the moment, but dont let them break you👊ur stronger than you think...Lots of love❤Lwazie

"Look s***t we doing motivate yourself"👊singing...

braids gone, feels so good weh hamba satan💃💃😊😊😊😃😂

About last night leg day,worked on Hamstrings,Quads so as Glutes
Langes ×6sets
Squats ×6 sets (started low 5kgs(15reps) each side then 10,20 to 30 kgs each side ..
Free weights Jumsquats ×4sets

Deadlift 20kgs ×4sets of 10 reps
Ham curl 30kgs ×4sets of 10 reps

Abductor machine 4sets ,mixed with some exercises 👐 Sweat says it all😊

Enjoy rest of your day foks

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