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Be your own back up🌹🌸

Monday helo😊all packed ready🚔ⓂfⓂfor the love of food,we fuel whole day max 6meals for me👊later...xoxoh😘


Warm up deadlift, lags legs day😊Happy Sunday yall

Cardio/Back day,home time✌tomorrow lags legs day😊..

Thez no magic short cut route
in this life,yall have to go thru s*****t way to get some where😄😊Happy Friday,have great day yol👊later then...xoxoh😘

Summer where are you😊?your things almost ready🤗? Some tbt...

Tag a freind😘

Home time, Shoulders workout done dusted 😚..Xoxoh👊

Packed for today🍲🍡🍎🍡🍏🍐
BREAKFAST 1st Oasts and almond milk: fiber/calcium and green tea
2nd veggies and white eggs:vitamins and proteins
LUNCH 3rd veggies greens,bastmati brown and pork chops.. SNACK 4rd pine apples and grafruit: vitamins snack before gym👊Fuel fuel fuel the engine🚔
POST WORKOUT..scoop of Protein shake,last meal will be veggies bhatata😊and chicken break

NB:Rehyrate H20 H20 H20✔ℹplz ℹplz

True or false😅? Gnyt

It's wrap,time for sauna🤘☺

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