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The music of movies was one of the original things that captivated me about cinema (especially our own cinema). Before the era where everyone was copying one Braveheart tune or the other as score, I used to get so enthralled by the sounds, the flutes, the percussion that was used to embody our experience in films.

Every now and then, there's that one piece that's a beautiful union of local beats and immersive sounds..... As if we didn't have enough to be excited about with @upnorththefilm

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Asides from the floundering daytime soap television formula that this show sticks to, it seems as though the production team behind this is creating this for a tasteless audience. Otherwise how does one explain the lighting or the lack thereof from scene to scene. There seems to be a budget and an idea – and you can tell this based on the lead casts and some of the settings – but the execution was a failure. This is the second RED TV series we’ve seen (the first being Our Best Friend’s Wedding), and what’s consistent between both is an absolute disregard for production quality.
Then there are the performances…

All in all, The Men’s Club, was an adequate filler but was overly dependent on its formulaic storyline without any attempt at producing a memorable web series.

Full review of #TheMensClub now at #nollywood #Nigerianmovies #moviereviews #nollywoodreviews #AfricanMovies #netflix #irokotv #africamagic #ebonylifetv

Netflix has announced that the @genevievennaji film - @lionheartthemovie - will premiere on the platform on January 4th,2019.
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Listening to #loosetalkpodcast the other day when @osagz asked "Where is the nollywood Obafemi Awolowo biopic?" "Where is the Nnamdi Azikiwe biopic?" Is it that our audiences aren't interested?

@Regran_ed from @variety - Chadwick Boseman on the importance of telling the untold stories: “When you leave out a great part of what has made this nation, you’re also leaving out a lot of great stories” | #ActorsOnActors presented by @amazonstudios -

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@Regran_ed from @cinemashed - [Swipe] Mike Ezuruonye @mikeezu challenges any Nollywood celeb claiming to be of the "New Nollywood" era, and trying to cause a divide, in his interview with @vibedotng .
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@Regran_ed from @the.filmstorian - #UK, I have awesome gist for y'all. Guess who is coming to you this December?

Fourth highest grossing Nigerian film of all time, Number 1 at the Nigerian box office for 7weeks and Longest run at Number 1 in Nigerian territory. You most probably guessed it right, yes it's #KingOfBoys and it is coming to the #UnitedKingdom

Are you in the UK, don't miss out. The King Of Boys film was a very amazing movie and stars an awesome cast, a bold step by @kemiadetibavisuals. It was rated 9.3/10 on IMDB, is full of drama and has some indigenous wisdom added as creaming. Don't miss on this opportunity.

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Closer tells the story of a young widower who after his wife’s death forms an unlikely friendship with a massage therapist. As you have probably surmised by now, Closer is not a good movie and so I’ll just highlight some of the reasons why you should steer clear of this movie in descending order.

The films dialogue is laughable at best. It’s so bad that I am tempted to recommend the movie just because I want someone else to experience it but I won’t because I am a good person. So bad it seemed like the person who wrote it had never listened to an actual human conversation before Exhibit A.

Maro: Has anything been ignited between you two?

Lancelot: How many pieces of your heart can you lose before you start to love again?

Full review of #Closer now at #nollywood #Nigerianmovies #moviereviews #nollywoodreviews #AfricanMovies #netflix #irokotv #africamagic

Some solid Black Panther to nollywood matches here o but there's one that doesn't quite sit well with us , can you guess which? Which is it for you?
@Regran_ed from @the.filmstorian - It's Friday but not #FreakyFriday, it's #FancastFriday and you are in luck, if you have ever thought about how our #NollywoodStars would fare in a #BlackPanther film because that's what we are looking at today.
So people the cast goes like this;
1. T'Challa - OC Ukeje, @octhegreatukeje
2. Killmonger - Gideon Okeke,
3. M'Baku - Mawuli Gavor, @mawuli_gavor
4. Nakia - Genevieve Nnaji, @genevievennaji
5. Okoye - Kate Henshaw, @k8henshaw
6. Ramonda - Joke Silva, @ajokesilva
7. Shuri - Jemima Osunde, @jemimaosunde
8. Zuri - Olu Jacobs, @_olujacobs
9. W'Kabi - Elozonam Ogbolu, @elozonam

So people what do you think about the cast; do you totally agree or do you want to substitute someone else into the mix. Let us know in the comments and also tag someone else. - #regrann

But how do you people even come up with these things?

How do you even do this mathematics? Haba... How much money do you think the mint even prints daily?

Biko calm down

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NO right or wrong, but what are your thoughts on relationships between two culturally dissimilar individuals or families?

There are not too many laughs in this episode, as we go from being scared for the future of our favorite couple to learning that Daddy Mide’s health is quickly deteriorating, and then going from that to finding out that the TV license that the company has been working towards might not pan out after all. It seems as if Mide is being attacked on all sides. There’s a school of thought that continues to scream about how the longer episodes are leading to more drags. I am in the school of thought that believes that the longer episodes allows our lightweight romantic comedy to finally have heft – which is not a bad thing.
Our characters in this episode are not only dealing with more internal issues than ever before but they are also highlighting societal issues and serving as an engine of transformation amongst their viewers. This episode alone has highlighted solid thought confabulations like can you be pro-adoption and against step-parenthood? Is step-parenting necessarily a scary thing in this generation of woke millennials? And then there are all the other issues like female empowerment, religious counseling (or just counseling in general), online dating, intra-continental work tourism, the intricacies of the adoption process, cross tribal and cross religious relationships, empowerment of the domestic help, the difficulties of establishing businesses in the Nigerian terrain amongst many other things this season has brought forth. So where most see slow episodes, we see edutainment.

Full recap of #SGIT S5E5 now at #nollywood #Nigerianmovies #moviereviews #nollywoodreviews #AfricanMovies #netflix #irokotv #africamagic #ebonylifetv #tvreviews

Let the games begin!
Let's set fire to complacency!
Let's get scared for our base
Or let's get competitive for new sectors

Whichever the case may be, here's to the consumer - the true winning side 🥂

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