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Stan  I am who I am and refuse to be anything LESS- undiminished wonder of God-I follow what I believe in; Am a Star Maker, Slayer, Fashion ICON, a Polymath

Like all real Polymaths , we need to be reminded about the brevity of time from time to time: that time is everything & everything is time: that we should put our time to good use. To God be the glory that I have " a way maker; a promise keeper: a miracle worker and a destiny maker as my guiding God.

The Executive Manager of my home front Mamie watching my back with keen interest lol. We thank God for all the women in our lives for their love and sacrifices they make for men.

A writer's support system elements. Just forget about the internet. Lol

Gladly taken the Books home to my beautiful house Library lol. One of my passion is collecting books and reading it.

At the Book signing ceremony of famed Nollywood veteran Poet Ben Amushie with Hollywood/Nollywood actor - Model Sunnyfield Okezie.

At a book signing ceremony in Houston last night from left ; Hollywood/Nollywood veteran actor /Model Sunnyfield Okezie. Stanley Acholonu award wining Nollywood film director & screen writer . Nollywood USA foremost film director and famed Author Don Okolo giving our support to a professional colleague writer Director Ben Amushie 4 books launch.

Behind the scene activities at the Silver Jubilee anniversary of USAfrica magazine, getting the trophies to the Honorees was cool.

Nollywood USA file photos of Movie Premieres. Uche Jumbo and the boys in Houston Tx. We are movie people.

Elements of style, every little piece matters in today's men Sartorial elegance

Getting ready for the 25th Anniversary of USAfrica Magazine @ the Hilton West Chase in Houston. Style and glamour are what we sell.

Sisters in The Lord from the Body Of Christ Church from Red Oak Dallas TX. In their Pristine white dress. They embodies the awesomeness of God, sassiness, amity, beauty and confidence , to God be the glory. They are Pastor Great white Angels

Recipe for knowledge ; read one book in a day, discover one new word every day you will know how powerful knowledge is. Men of ideas rule the world, a pen is mightier than a gun - a lawyer with a briefcase can make more vital changes than a thousand soldiers. Everything starts as an idea and is conjured up in a library

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