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Kaylee™🖤🌔👣  Kayla is sis💙 Brittanie slays my life😍 Jasmine is the cuz❤️ •I should be sleeping but my thoughts are wide awake~lil yachty•💎🔥😴 BBN💙


Just because she's My Sister, My Better Half, and My Best Friend!💕 And it's national dog day!💗

I know you're gonna kill me for this but I had too! This is my other half, my ride or die, my sister, and most importantly my best friend and no one will ever replace that!💗 I love you Britt Brat💕 #imgladicanbemyselfaroundyou #crazysistasforlife

•Wakeup Every Day Stronger Than Yesterday Face Your Fears And Wipe Your Tears•~TYGA😴💎 {Makeup Creds Go To Britt Brat}


I wanna take a minute to thank you for absolutely everything you do to keep me going. You are there for me when no one else is and that means more to me than anything! You are the most amazing sister ever and I wouldn't trade that for the world! Every since we were little we've always stuck together like glue. I'm glad that when I need someone to talk to I know that I can come straight to you and you'll understand everything and help me with whatever I need help with. I know we split for a few months and I never heard from you but Brittanie I want you to know right now that no matter how many months, days, hours, minuets, or seconds of my life that I lived without you, I never gave up that sisterly hood love and I still cared for you like I do now...of course I care more now than then but no matter what people said I still cared and loved you. I know that I post a lot about you...but that's okay you deserve every bit of it! If people don't take time to read this then they should because I believe that every one needs to find a sister as good as you!!! But guess what they won't ever find one because your the only greatest!💗 I love you Britt Brat...Brittanie Joleen and I always will!

💎Like it up💎

My best friend..My other half..My sister..And the one who's always there for me through absolutely everything! I love you Britt Brat..thanks for always being here!💗😝

💎Love is just a word..you bring it definition💎

•Last Night Took An L But Tonight I Bounce Back•😴😈

I don't post as much about yuns as I should but...Big shout out to my #1 Dad, my #1 Mom, and my #1 step father! Thank y'all for always being here through all of my hard times. You all mean the world to me and I hope yuns know that! I love all three of y'all and and I hope you'll always remember that!💗

•Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never Surrender•~Tupac😴🙏 #tb

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