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Tony Nolan  Photo Director for Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, M&F Hers, and Flex magazines.

25 years in NYC but first time walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. @gaby.chiang

Margarita's and Guacamole on the rooftop after a long day of allergy craziness at the Botanical Gardens with @gaby.chiang (who is not being a douche by wearing her sunglasses, her eyes are just puffy from her allergies too...LOL).

Day out where my allergies can really go crazy...only for @gaby.chiang

Will miss seeing my favorite French family/friends. Quentin, Betty, Niels, & Dolores. @bettypiscopello

Where's Niels? @bettypiscopello

Hanging with the coolest Frenchie ever, Dolores. @bettypiscopello

Fun day with my favorite Frenchies. @bettypiscopello

Cold day in Coney Island

Finally a beautiful Spring day.

Miss hanging out in @andrewspina 's pool all day, so working on the next dates to get back down there ASAP.

Where's Gaby?

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