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Draws dogs for money™  •Architecture student I'm slow at art 🇲🇽 •Commissions: Closed •if you want me to see something dm me, actually DM for any reason

Ych commission completed for @kitkat.5532

My heart bleeds for these boyos-
#nightwing #dickgrayson #kidflash #flash #wallywest #dccomics

Hello guys I’m considering in making Confetti a plushie!! But I need help finding plush makers I’ll be forever greatful 💖

I doubt anyone would do this bc it’s complex but if u do Tag it under #noirekatmeme so I can see it 👅👅.
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#drawthisinyourstyle #drawmeme

I’ve always wanted to draw this boyo finally got the opportunity to finish ;; this is an attacc over artfight for @blake.rosey

Personal piece, I usually don’t post sketched doodles but eh, plus introducing another sona I made after watching JW the fallen kingdom

Commission ~~

Oops my hand slipped

Hello posting this at 12:40 am hoping no one sees it, he’s been getting a lot of love lately

I really enjoy drawing hands but sometimes I’m super lazy, ft. Alice, West and Dwight

Commission for @theart_10

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