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So, what do you think about the @pantone color of the year?


IT’S THAT TIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!! Who’s ready to take a deep dive 💦 into fabric stacks of Living Coral for the 2019 Pantone Quilt Challenge?! 📿🐙🦑🧨⏰💥🗯💭💬🗒⏳ All the info you want to know (judges ☝🏼, prizes, and more!) at |

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🌱🌻🌸🌺🌿 @austinmqg #plantladyquilt

Enjoying x 💯 the rhythmic rustling of these beauties courtesy of @thecolorcondition (and @austinmqg!)✨🌬🌈🌞

Ready to bring your ✨coral✨ stash to life?! The #pantonequiltchallenge rollout is coming at you in allllll its detailed glory next week, so the time is nigh to start collecting all those living coral lovelies. For now, @bryanhousequilts and I couldn’t help but hint at our inspiring line-up of judges for 2019... ☝🏼👀🌈🐻🙀 Any guesses? Who’s in?! 🤓

I might not be making it to Nashville this weekend, but this baby is!! So go say 👋🏼 to my prickly friend (☝🏼), then show some love for my TOTALLY NOT PRICKLY hometown crew @crimsontate and @crimsontavid in booth 5-0-7! They’ve got the Jungleview quilt 🌱🌿 in the (@konacotton) flesh on display, along with *autographed* 🖊📖 copies of #adventuresinpaperpiecinganddesign 👆🏼 #quiltcon #quiltcon2019 #pricklypathquilt #alisonglass #quiltconfromhome

Got a minute?

Eric @ericlubrick brought the visuals for this book together in a way that helped take what I’d been envisioning in my head from concept to reality. It felt as though we were on the same page working together from day 1—which was massively helpful, considering we only had so much time to turn things around 🤣. The slideshow above are the fruits of that labor (and thank you @annamarisa for the mad styling and @ctpublishing for the flat shots!) I also have to say Adventures in Paper Piecing & Design would be nothing but a few feathers and some intricately pieced tops without the masterful work of six longarm quilters:
@myquiltdiet (#plantladyquilt 🌱)
@karleeporterdesign (#snoozequilt 💤)
@angelafmq (#pricklypathquilt)
@kathleenquilts (#folksyfriendsquilt 🦀🐙)
@rachaeldorr (#firefliesquilt ✨)
@practicaldazzle (#doublediamondweddingring 💍) I asked each of them to share a few words about their process over on my blog ( All those are now live, so be sure to check them out if you’re interested in hearing more about their forté (or lingering on any of these close-ups for more than a split second ☺️). #adventuresbooktour

To say that @ericlubrick is a superhero with a camera would be putting it lightly. He is so incredibly talented. And humble.
Last spring, Eric leapt at the opportunity to help pull this book together in the most magical way. On a moment’s notice, he was unloading gear and scoping locations in our home (...that houses three young children 👶🏼👯‍♀️👀💆🏻‍♀️😝) for crazy good shots like this—my go-to machine (@janomeamerica 1600PQC) on my grandmother’s sewing desk, sitting in our little ocelot-wallpapered study. 👆🏼 In between takes, he was talking me off the ledge and bringing me back down to reality (...or bonding with my husband over their shared love of fishing and the outdoors). If you’ve seen the collages in the book, I think you already know what I mean when I say Eric brought something really special to the book. For those of you who haven’t, tomorrow I’ll be sharing a little slideshow (with book images and some extra takes!) so you can experience Eric’s fresh, light and bright artistry firsthand.
Stay tuned!

#adventuresinpaperpiecinganddesign #adventuresbooktour #nohatsathome

Elisabeth @elisabew and I go allllllllll the way to a time when writing a book seemed far too removed from reality to manifest itself into—well, this. I remember one of our first interactions, nearly five years ago to the day, about a guild class I was teaching in Southern California—any guesses as to what the workshop title was? Spoiler alert: THIS QUILT. I suppose the fact that it took five years to finally release the complete #doublediamondweddingring pattern might overshadow the significance of our connection over this very design... 😂😇 But let me tell you that it feels SO UNBELIEVABLY RIGHT to have Elisabeth as the final maker on the #adventuresbooktour—she has literally and figuratively brought things full circle with this insanely beautiful, fussy-cut #heatherross haven. 🌈✨💫 In addition to being an incredibly kind and humble human being, Elisabeth is fussy-cutting ROYALTY. (See above.) She also doesn’t particularly love paper piecing... awwwkward?! 👀🤣😘 I kid :) As fate would have it, (and as Elisabeth quickly pieced together), the book pattern—a *paper-pieced* arc—is compatible with @darlene_zimmerman_’s Simpli-EZ Double Wedding Ring acrylic templates! (...Something tells me this 👆🏼 might not have grown nearly as much were it not for those EZ templates! 🤷🏻‍♀️😝🥰). Which brings me to the slideshow. Elisabeth has been sending me progress shots for almost a month, which means I have had to resist posting any of this FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH. Now that I can finally share, I thought it would be fitting and fun to compile all those scintillating sneak peeks so you get to experience how the layout has evolved, just as I did, except a little faster 😘. To see where @elisabew landed (3x3... wait no 3x4... nah 4x4...), and for some beauty shots of all that fussy-cut Heather Ross, head over to her feed!! #adventuresinpaperpiecinganddesign #adventuresinPP #shinebrightbirthstone

Today we’re mixing things up. Rather than showcase a design inspired by #designprompt7, we’re bringing you THE PERSON WHO INSPIRED THE PROMPT—the single biggest champion of single foundation paper piecing, @jamiemswansonquilts!
Jamie has graciously refrained from telling everyone that I’ve muffed things up or only gotten single FPP half right in the book (😘). So for more deets (or the other half?), go hear from the #singlepaperpiecing queen herself on where it all started and what the method is all about! Check out her highlight and her #adventuresbooktour post, where she’s giving away a signed copy of #adventuresinpaperpiecinganddesign and a pattern of her own design!

Monstera Wednesday is a thing, no? 🌿 Well today we make an exception! Because Merran @123bluejumper is taking the #jungleviewquilt to all sorts of new levels (*and sizes!*) on the #adventuresbooktour, and this just can’t wait till Monday. 🥰

Merran is a fellow #folksyfish-erwoman (that’s how we first crossed paths four years back), and has an eye for the ✨happiest✨ of color combinations. Don’t these just make you want to smile? SO much cheer packed into this frame. And into her feed!
So go say hello over @123bluejumper. (Hint: There just may be another 🖊📖 #adventuresinpaperpiecinganddesign in it!) *Merran enlarged the book pattern to create the super-sized purple majesty on the right. I for one am ALL for blowing these blocks up for quicker bed-quilt making... what about you?!*

Any other present/former (future?) #dogoodstitches stitchers out there?? That’s how @allisonsews and I first connected eons ago. And let me tell you, Allison leaves an impression. She’s bold, brilliant, and has sass for DAYZZZ. I almost had a heart attack when she messaged me about this absurdly awesome village repeat design 👆🏼, asking me if this was what I meant by “filling in all the gaps.” (That’s part of the instructions for #designprompt6, so I pretty much panicked thinking I’d totally muffed up and written terribly unclear directions... until Allison told me she was just messing with me 🤣). Ha. Ha... 😝

Watch for the inspiration behind and evolution of this design (and the friendly polar bears in the window!) Then GO MESS WITH @allisonsews and say something confusing on her post! Or something kind. She’ll appreciate either, I assure you... 🥰

#adventuresinpaperpiecinganddesign #adventuresinurbanvillagedesign

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