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野口 啓代  ProClimber⛰🐒 📲TEAM au/👚THENORTHFACE/💻ZEROSTART/🏠三井不動産/🐄牛乳石鹸/💊オリエンタルバイオ/👟LASPORTIVA/⚙PETZL/🎗NEW HALE


Feel India🐘🇮🇳 今回は民族衣装のサリーを着たり👘インドカレーを食べたり🍛最終日にみんなでドアOPENの電車の旅をしたり🚃インドを満喫出来て楽しかった〜!☺️💕

I finished 3rd place yesterday🥉✨
But I couldn't sartisfited with my parformance while worldcup in India..😔💦I have to check my weak point and back to training again.

Next, I have Lead worldcup 2week left🐒
I'm so motivated to training both!

Congratulation for @shaunacoxsey @chonjongwon96 for Winning again🏆✨ #teamau @thenorthfacejp #三井不動産 #牛乳石鹸 #zerostart #オリエンタルバイオ @lasportivagram @petzl_official #newhale

We are in the FINALIST!🤙🏻
6 Japanese (🙋🏻‍♂️Kokoro.Tomoa.Ray🙋Miho.Aya.Akiyo) goes to the final tonight🇯🇵✨But..Mei was so sorry because 7th from the count back..🤦🏻‍♀️I wish all girls goes to the final next time!!! Please keep clossing your fingers🤞🏻💕

Qualification of Worldcup in NaviMumbai is done!
I did 4probrems and finished in 3rd place(one group for women) I'll keep enjoy tomorrow!😎🤙🏻🎖✨

Relax day is as important as training day!
I can't wait to training day tomorrow!


Arrived at JAPAN🗼🇯🇵🍣👘🗾*

I was 2nd place at the Worldcup in Vail🥈✨
I'm sartisfited with my parformance and I did my best✌🏻Next stop is in NaviMumbai India 2weeks left🇮🇳 Congratulation for @shaunacoxsey @chonjongwon96 shows as a great parformance🎖🏅 Thank you everyone who support me everymoment💜

決勝ではすごく満足のクライミングが出来たし、苦手だった課題が登れてすごく嬉しいです✌🏻次のworldcupは2週間後のムンバイ・インド🇮🇳 応援ありがとうございました!💜
そして優勝のショナ&チョン、おめでとう🏅🎖 #ifscwc #vail #teamau @thenorthfacejp #三井不動産 #牛乳石鹸 #zerostart #オリエンタルバイオ @lasportivagram @petzl_official #newhale

I'm super happy I'm into the FINAL!!!👏🏻✨
I want to enjoy my climbing and this great atomosphere😍😍😍 #ifscwc #vail

I was 3rd place at Qualification today. I made semi and totaly 13 JAPANESE goes to the semi final tomorrow!👏✨go go JAPAN📣😆🇯🇵 #ifscwc #vail

I'm at USA🗽🇺🇸✨
I'm so happy that I'm back here.
Today starts Qualification.
Just enjoy it!🎶 #ifscwc #vail

先月三宅島を訪れ、被災地をめぐり、今年ボルダリング部となった三宅高校の部活にいってきました。彼らが今年初めて出場する大会に向けて、わたしなりに沢山のことを伝えてきました。是非みてください! 「プロ・フリークライマー野口啓代からのエール」
2017年06月11日(日)17:00〜 BS日テレにて放送


Today, I was 28 years old🐥💕
Always thank you very much for your support❤️I'll keep enjoy and challenging the limit in a climbing💪🏽✨AKIYO NOGUCHI


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