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NO4EIGN  Artist 📍LA 🎵Quiet Giants Ent. 💋Backup Page for @noforeign

TONIGHT @yg will be in the building @aceofdiamonds_la book your table now!! Calling all the ballers out 🏀 🤑 #AODMondays

Caption this 😂 best one gets a shout out!

When He forgot to send the cash app🤔😒 LOL Happy Friday Y’all! Hope You All Have A Blessed Day! Always Remember Sh*t Could Be Worse! 💓💓💓 #NoForeign

When U been out here grindin on yo own your entire life, No one can stop U from getting to where you pose to be! 🙏🏼 sometime we forget what we’re capable of doing, once U remind yourself BO$$ UP and show em who the BO$$ is💅🏼 #NoForeign

She be chillin.. but She can be A muthaFkn problem. &He a problem too, I can help muthaFkn solve ‘em👅👅 -noforeign #3AmSh!t #NoForeign #WhosUpWitMe

I’m not someone who can be controlled. I want someone who will watch me do my thing and be like “that’s ma girl” 😏❤️

Most of the time I don’t get enough sleep.. and it’s not because I’m “SUPER” busy but because I struggle with getting enough hours in. I be thinking 4-5 is all I need when in reality I need at least 7/8 LOL well basically I caught up on some sleep last night and I woke up feeling GOOD! Good energy, good spirits, and I just want to have a productive and positive day! I hope U do too💕😊 -NoForeign #TeamBigAssHead #NoForeign 💕

Incase nobody told you today, you are good enough 💗😘

No for real!!!! I’m tired of this sh*t!!! Have a good day 💕

Just want some real love around me 💔💗 | shot by @photo__mark #NoForeign

Focus on the positive things in your life and you’ll be shocked at how many more positive things start to happen 💋👸🏻 #NoForeign

I don’t ask for sh%t, I’m so independent😏
Drop a 😘 for me if you see this #NoForeign

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