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tvd pll twd awae  "anyway.."

@aymericjettmontaz because you deserve it babe, AWAE ❤

sometimes it's just easier for me to pretend that i'm okay but you see it anyway. even when i try to hide my pain behind a smile you can see the sadness in the bottom of my eyes sometimes. and oh god, it feels so good to realize that there is one person in this world who truly know you. and you're that person for me. if one day i lose you, i will literally get out of my freaking mind. i can't lose you.. you and i not being together doesn't make sens at all. and you know, the last time we had a big fight, pretending not to love you was the hardest thing i've ever done. you just.. make me happier that i never thought i could be. knowing you has changed my life. like damon told elena, without you there's an awful lot of darkness. i don't wanna live if it means that i should do without you. you're the friend i've always wanted. i love you, i love.. every part of you ⚘

"every oceans deserves to be seen by you"

i couldn't imagine a universe, no matter how many dimensions there were, without you in it

happy birthday to this blessing⚘
i had the opportunity to meet you at the #WTMF3 con in Paris. it's been epic, i will never forget this moment with all of you. i think that the week before the con was the worst period of my life. i was really sad, i was falling apart. all this because of a boy, it's so stupid. he broke my heart a thousand times during 2 years. but i was still in love with him, i had the hope that he would change. he just abandoned me while i always did everything to make him feel good. i was a naive girl.. during that horrible week, the only thing i could hang on to was the fact that I would soon see you all. and i spent the most magical moment of my life. you've brought the stars back into my eyes. the speech you made on sunday closed some wounds on our hearts. for my part you shut them all. the words you spoke made me realize what no one else had succeeded in making me understand. you have found the the most beautiful and right words. oh god i just cried when you told us those things because it was exactly what i needed to hear.. as you told us, this convention was for us a way to escape our lives for a weekend. and you knew how to give me a smile. speak to you was one of the most exceptional things that ever happened to me. Thank you nate, you are my inspirarion, your fans are so proud of you. i am. you're a person with such a huge heart.. you deserve all the happiness of the world. i turned the page now, and it's in any case thanks to you. I love you, beyond the stars
@natebuzz ❤ cr ; miss_maiina PLEASE TAG HIM / SVP TAGGEZ LE. NATE LIKED THIS PICTURE!!!😍/ IL A LIKÉ!!!😍

had a great time

i'm sorry that i'm not a person anymore, i'm a problem -ellen, to the bone

"when it's real u can't walk away"
-elena gilbert @bad_bue_0410

u come first, ur my family

naughty girl

you couldn't hear that i was completely falling appart without you?

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