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  mystic falls | somerholic ian - nina - nikki - paul tvdplltwd13rwrvd 💙 240617 WTMF3 TVD

i'll go anywhere with u

i saw galaxies in your eyes

i did a lot of mistakes, love you wasn't one of them

hi babe
first, happy birthday sweetheart you are now 30 years old wow. you are a fucking talented person you perfectly played caroline in tvd during eight beautiful years. you made me smile trough a screen, you have a smile that illuminate the entire room. you're so lovely, kind and beautiful i can't describe how much i love you. i found myself in caroline she's almost totally like me. find myself in some things that happened to her give me confidence and reminded me that life is worth something. i was hoping you were going to be announced at the WTMF3 con in Paris but you didn't.. but it's okay, i keep hope and i promise that one day i'll meet you. thank you candice, for making my life better than what she was. you make me happy, and i love you. i wish you all the happiness in the world bc you deserve it babe. i hope you will have a nice day sunshine

u should close ur mouth

old pic

my prince

la photo est aussi belle que les personnes identifiées, coeur coeur


my heart you are 28 years old today and you're still as lovely as 2 years with your short and curly hair.
i've been here for you, always. because in fact, you are a person with extraordinary kindness. i almost never saw that. you have passed the happiness of others, you family, your friends, before yours. you're so generous. you've experienced really, really sad things, i promise you i'll be there to cheer you up if it happens again. you are and you will always be a person who mark my life, my heart. you're such an exeptional person, i would do everything to have the opportunity to be in your arms and to tell you how much you are beautiful and how much i love you. you are a person who makes this universe incredible. i know, some people will say that the love between fans and his idol are not real, but it will not stop me from being there for you. because the love between a fan and his idol never dies, this love is true more than anything in the wolrd. this love is so special but it's none the less false. if one day you notice, or you answer one of my comments, or you like one of my comments or just you like one of my pic, i will cry. really, i will cry all the tears of my body because it will prove that all the years where i supported you, or i said that i love you, or i sent you full messages of love, will have served no purpose. in short, i love you more than anyone else on this universe. you can't even imagine how it make me happy when you share photos on insta. of you, or with friends or family. it makes me happy because it just shows us that you are there for them. and they are hugely lucky to have you on their lives. i don't know, you're so special. you're one of the people i'd like to know personnaly, it just has to be incredible to have you in my life. you know, you're one of my role models. you helped me going trough so hard time as well. one day, you said to us "i think everyone is different, and unique, and that's a good thing." it just made me feel more self-confident. I would like to be so like you, and I hope I will become it because i know that what you tell us is not for nothing and it can give a smile to some people.
#ninadobrev @ninadobrev

bc ian is all i need

hello my love, today is the best day. it's your birthday! the most generous, special, fun, charming, adorable, admirable, endearing, wonderful, exciting, enthusiastic, exeptional and talented man. i don't say that you are perfect because no one is perfect. but you are the most respectable person i know. so many years you made us smile, you made us happy. without even being able to see you you make me the happiest in the world. and i'm really grateful for all that. i don't know what the show would have been without you, i think i would not like the series so much without you. at each episode you surprise us and i ove it. i think nobody would have know how to play Damon better than you.
i would never have thought that one day i would attach myself as much to a person that i would never see. i am so attached to this series, i watched it a dozen times, i never get tired of it. you are a truly amazing person, it really touched me all that you do to save animals, protect the planet, Louisiana.. all that touched me. really, Nikki and you do everything you can to protect the animals. it's so beautiful and adorable. and i know you do not have to do all that. i want you happy next to Nikki. i want you happy, i want you to have children and live your life deeply and fully. you represent so much in my eyes.. you are the most important person for me. i would never let you go, i would always be there to support you and do my best to make you feel the best, i promise. it's been several years since my only concern and my only dream is to see you and hug you. i would really exchange everything to have the opportunity. i don't even want to imagine that it's impossible..because it breaks my heart a little more every makes me so sad.. i always hope and i will never stop believing in my dream. i would never give up something that concerns you. i want you to spend the best day of your life now. spend a good day and don't orget that your fans love you. And above all, that I LOVE YOU 💚

if you have compassion for an animal then ultimately you will learn to have compassion for other people - ian somerhalder

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