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  240617, IAN NINA

je sais pas de quoi mon futur sera fait mais j'espère sincèrement que vous en ferez partie

mes princesses

"je comprend pas comment quelqu'un comme toi peut s'infliger ça"

mon acolyte

are we suppose to act like everything is ok when it's not?

beep beep richie 🎈

you both came into my life at a time when i needed you most so.. thank u bae's

while you're talking i'm like yeah, that's my girl (:

i love you more than i ever thought it was humanly possible <33

the love of my life
thank you for this amazing day, the room was filled with tons of emotions. i will never stop saying it, but thank you again. you saved me in all possible ways, i love you ❤

happy birthday to this blessing⚘
i had the opportunity to meet you at the #WTMF3 con in Paris. it's been epic, i will never forget this moment with all of you. i think that the week before the con was the worst period of my life. i was really sad, i was falling apart. all this because of a boy, it's so stupid. he broke my heart a thousand times during 2 years. but i was still in love with him, i had the hope that he would change. he just abandoned me while i always did everything to make him feel good. i was a naive girl.. during that horrible week, the only thing i could hang on to was the fact that I would soon see you all. and i spent the most magical moment of my life. you've brought the stars back into my eyes. the speech you made on sunday closed some wounds on our hearts. for my part you shut them all. the words you spoke made me realize what no one else had succeeded in making me understand. you have found the the most beautiful and right words. oh god i just cried when you told us those things because it was exactly what i needed to hear.. as you told us, this convention was for us a way to escape our lives for a weekend. and you knew how to give me a smile. speak to you was one of the most exceptional things that ever happened to me. Thank you nate, you are my inspirarion, your fans are so proud of you. i am. you're a person with such a huge heart.. you deserve all the happiness of the world. i turned the page now, and it's in any case thanks to you. I love you, beyond the stars
@natebuzz ❤ cr ; miss_maiina

naughty girl

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