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Noel Mack  Brand Director | Gymshark - British Photographer, Film Maker, Light Chaser and HODLer - My Lightroom Presets 👇🏻


Time to fly back to the little lady ✈️ Amazing trip, extremely productive but now I’m ready to be home, see you in eleven hours England. 🇬🇧

The @fitnessculture_ launch was a huge success. Had a squad of Gymshark family out here supporting their brother @stevecook in his other endeavours, something we love to do. I’m now very ready to head home, missing those brummie streets 🇬🇧

Me and our kid cutting through the Arizona desert.
We get to travel to some amazing places with @gymshark and see some amazing things but don’t get it twisted this stuff is crazy hard work. The months of planning to the fatigue that sets in after fifteen hours speaking to all our amazing customers and fans takes a real toll and I often find myself face down on the bed sleeping fully clothed - not just for me and Ben but for every single member of Gymshark staff who fly out and make these events possible. HOWEVER in the moments where we do get a chance to spend some free time we get to do some amazing things like cruising through the west coast of the states on two British motorbikes to @stevecook ‘s gym. The free time didn’t last long as its back on the grind for the next two days but I’m glad we had that time to do something we will probably never get another chance to do #carpediem

Photographers and creators- Ten points and some Lightroom presets to anyone who can tell me why when they said ‘We need to get a group photo of the girls’ I was very specific about putting them in this alley facing in this direction. Comment below 👇🏻 @gymsharkwomen

When I look at some of the ‘top’ photographers in the world I don’t see much skill to be jealous of. They work with the most insane models and top designers and seem to play a game of “who can come up with the weirdest concept” and everyone applauds them and calls them a genius.
When you can pull off a photograph like me @nikkiblackketter and @whitneyysimmons when all three of us are tired after a pop up store, it’s raining and miserable and I’m having to hold a coat over my head and my camera to try and get the shot - then you’ll gain my respect.
Just kidding of course - love to every content creator! Let me know in the comments if you want any tips on taking shots like this one.

Pretending to know what I’m talking about with the guys from @shopify
Now that the store is done with and the tear down is underway it’s a surreal feeling with all that anticipation and stress lifted. The work isn’t over yet for so many of our team, there’s still content to create and customers to please. I spent yesterday catching up with a tonne of our athletes, something I’ll do even more of this week.
Right now though I’m on a plane to go to the CES expo in Las Vegas w/ @benfrancis, even though it’s for work it’ll be nice to do something a little less taxing as it feels like I haven’t slowed down since Christmas Day. Wouldn’t have it any other way though of course.

We came, we saw, we connected with our amazing fans and customers.
This weekend has blown me away, the support we receive out here is absolutely insane - not just from our Gymshark family who come out to support us but the fitness industry as a whole, from other businesses out here in LA on a similar journey to us and to people around the world who experience this pandemonium through social media and reach out to congratulate us.
True friends and family built this business and now true friends and family come out here to support. Thank you all!
#gymshark #gymsharkLA

We came to disrupt LA. @gymshark

We came to disrupt.

The build is underway, our biggest event to date #GymsharkLA

Final couple of days preparation.
Whilst a lot of people are still nursing a chocolate hangover, the guys were grinding away in the office making sure our New Years Day campaign had every little touch it needed to be the best to date. I can’t wait for you all to see it. AS IF that’s not enough we also had to ensure we had every final detail finalised for our biggest event to date; Gymshark LA | Nikki Blackketter Season 2. The store opens next weekend in Santa Monica and (this is sounding cliché now) will definitely be our biggest and best event ever, the family is bigger than EVER at this one. THEN the whole gang pack up and fly to Utah to the Grand Opening of @fitnessculture_ - a little less pressure for us at this one as we’re all just there to support and socialise but it’s going to be a busy few weeks.
Luckily, none of it feels like work.
Be a visionary.

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