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// new moon in gemini {partnerships, duality, communication} goodness 🤗🌚♊️ i always travel with my cards + if anyone knows me well, they know i carry my crystals with me at all times 💎🙋🏼 {yeah, soooo 🤷🏼‍♀️}
not mad about these cards either 💥
the magician: action, purpose, creative power {aka perfection for a new moon aka fresh starts} 🗒
yes: well this is self explanatory 🙃
if ya wanna read more, wrote a few tidbits over on the @goddessprovisions instagram 🔮💜 // #newmoon #gemini #woowoowellness

// on the road again 🌀💠🌐 this time heading to the place that means the most to me --- home with my family 💙
life is so fragile + so precious + it's meant to be spent with the ones you love 💎 // #baybound #yosemitebound #desertx

// love + light 💙 love + light ✨ we all need this so much right now 💚 //

// ain't no thang like {pre} summer in sd 🌊☀️🌊 // #cardiffbythesea #swooning

// c u r r e n t l y 💎💗🍵📚
@the_numinous, this book is just 🙏🏼🙌🏼🙏🏼 thank you for sharing all the things i already love + all the things i am about to love more 🔮📿✨
oh + this matcha is next level now that i've added my new favorite ingredient 🤗 @nutiva coconut manna aka butta 😱 toooo good
love ya so matcha ingredients:
*hot water
*splash of coco milk
*@vitalproteins beef gelatin {for froth level 💯} + coconut/vanilla collagen {for hair, skin + nails perfection}
*@nutiva coconut manna
*@mountainroseherbs maca {for energy + hormonal balance}, ashwagandha {antioxidant, brain function} + astragalus {to help reduce anxiety + help with adrenal fatigue}
*blend it up + boom! 💥
enjoy the sunshine ☀️ // #slowmornings #ilikeyou

// flower mama 🌼 moon child 🌙 beach babe 🍍 // #aka #thatsme 🤗

// "do not ask yourself what the world needs. 🌸 ask yourself what makes you come alive + then go do that. ✨ because what the world needs is people who have come alive." - howard thurman 💜
have i mentioned lately how amazing spring is?! 😊 because it's reaaaaal good 🙌🏼 so much creativeness swirling through my brain lately + i am feeling quite alive 💥 // #allthefeelsallthetime #leuiloveyou

// t u e s d a y 👊🏼 t r a v e l {planning}
heading to oregon in a few weeks for the @spiritweavers gathering + then to eugene for a few days + then i want to solo ADVENTURE! {well for like 5 days} 🤗🚌🌲 -
would like to do portland, columbia river gorge, cannon beach, seattle + maybe coastal washington or vancouver if i can 💃🏼
send me ALL the recs + ALL the places to eat + hike + be merry! 💁🏼 also, if you have any friends in those areas that might want a roomie for a night, i am all for it if they are 🤷🏼‍♀️
can't wait to explore the PNW! 🌸
{also, if you work from home + need a good desk option @standee_co is LIFE! 🙌🏼 message me + i can give ya a discount 🙃}
// #soloadventure #kindanervous 🙈

// endless amounts of your favorite flowers mama @wifeinbrazil 🌷🌸🌹🌻🌺 thanks for never getting tired of my daily {or sometimes two a day} calls + truly showing me what unconditional love is 💛 i can't wait to be a mama like you one day soon ✨ // #mamasday #mamasbaby

// missin' the roomies + my cuddle bug 🐶🖤 // #atxliving

// if i move to austin, texas you can blame these two sisters of mine 🤷🏼‍♀️ // #atxliving #withdrawals #atxspam 😬

// cheers to the best two weeks 🥂 + to whenever possible immersing yourself in new surroundings, situations, cultures + relationships ✨ my heart has never been so full yet so broken at the same time 💔 already missing my austin fam 😭 // #atxliving #fromsdtoatx

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