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𝑛 𝑜 𝑒 𝑙 𝑒  Hunting light and scent near and far, PST. ⚓︎

Hi from the Olympic Peninsula, where there’s no sunshine and moss for miles. Awoke yesterday to the barking of sea lions swimming the Strait of Juan de Fuca. 🗻

Smell of sea, fresh-caught octopus, and frankincense from the tiny chapel around the corner. #olfactorymemory

Heading to the coast to reset, lose cell reception, play in moss forests, write, and speak as little otherwise as is possible. 🦉

Retro color and typography with contemporary nuance is alive and well in Scandinavia, who do both so well with seeming little effort. The same could be said of Japan, where I could buy a car in mint green or 80s metallic mauve if I really wanted. (America, catch up.) Greta’s in Stockholm is something of a designer’s dream, with its warm candlelight, peoplewatching and perfect jasmine tea, and I’m missing it today. #olfactorymemory


Sunbreak, Takayama

Japan was...a series of loud moments, and then quiet moments, and not much in between.

Pockets full of hot Boss espresso for handwarmers, a Tokyo neighborhood of disused mid century neon, trees that resemble a native language...

Intention. ☁️ #beginnersmind

A direct flight to Inverness will do, but what I’d really like is a teleport. Missing the smell, quiet and isolation of my favorite beach today, a perfect place to think... #olfactorymemory

Olfactory memories from 2017: the smell of Greece, completely foreign and fragrant; mystery meat cooking in Tórshavn; Chanel No 19; cat fur; Sacramento Delta mud; all the saunas of Stockholm, Malmö, and Seattle combined. #olfactorymemory #olfaction

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