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Noele Lusano  Designer, olfactory obsessive, lover of cities, architecture and green space. SEA–SFO–LHR



After a week in Copenhagen/Stockholm crushing on architecture, typography and everything design, I'm back to Seattle where the air still smells of smoke and the skies are thick with smog. Take me back...🌩

At home I take photographs. In London I think about photographs, why we make them, cities, space, memory, and write a lot of philosophical stuff in a sleep deprived state that few people will read. Where is this determination when I'm at home? I took no serious photographs today and still the day was almost perfect.

Today found a secluded public garden with an upright piano overlooking the tomatoes, lavender and roses; scrounged up some sheet music from the depths of my phone; with the crows as my witness played the entirety of Chilly Gonzales' 'Epigram in E' - very slow, and squinting all the while. ✔️

Finally the smoke from British Columbia's fires is beginning to clear, and the heat to dissipate. I spent much of the week's evenings at harbors watching the sun glittering over the water, the sky and sea painted red by the smoke and looking like something out of a dated romantic drama. 🎷🕯🌫

Always letting my tea overbrew, then forgetting it and finding it cold...licked by a cat tongue. #tgif

Smoke and mirrors at the ocean's edge. Channeling Agnès Varda. 🌫

Fewer things I love more than the color red on a film photograph.

Favorite smells: hot dry grass in the sun, bergamot, orange blossom, leaves of the bitter orange tree, Meyer lemon, any iris ever (try digging one up and smelling its roots), baked bread, fish markets, ionones (aromachemicals that smell of woody violets), frankincense, coastal redwood, and this last one is weird, but European gas/petrol…every smell is a small adventure to be had, it would seem. Would love to hear what any of your most loved scents/smells are? 👃🏼👃🏽👃🏾👃🏿☁️#scratchnsniff

Yesterday swam in the clearest mountain lake, fell asleep under stars to campfire smell. Today bought a western hat that I will wear attempt to wear unironically. Happy summer!

I shot a roll of film twice by accident. Red envelopes from my dad, and one of my sisters in the Arizona desert. 🌵

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