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Noel Arevalo YOUTUBE  I help Women Ditch Fad diets, Destroy Stubborn fat and double your muscle in 90 Days! 💪🏼 🔹Gymshark 🔹 NLA for her Athlete 👇🏼 1 On 1 Coaching With Me!

Until next time Beautiful Hawaii 😍 Such an amazing trip with some amazing humans. Time to get home and get back on my routine 🙋🏻‍♀️ Leaving this place with my ❤️ full and my belly full😂 Hit the gym as many times as I could, hiked KoKo Head which was insane but amazing 😅 ate moderate but also had what I wanted (including cocktails & wine)😜and not beating myself up for it heading home today! Vacations are about LIVING not worrying about restrictions. Just doing it with a sprinkle of moderation 😌💪🏼 Getting right back to my routine when I get home😍 (will not be starving myself or increasing cardio🙅🏻‍♀️) just getting right back to it is all that needs to be done 😇#Cheeeehooooo #Loveandlivelife #Hawaii

Views All Around, Sister Squats🤣

Infant I’m Squatting: @jessicaarevalo_


Dissss picarooo is a lie because I’m currently swimming getting in some cardio 😝🤙🏼Howeverrrrr if I said I didn’t take my Supps while on Vacay that would be a lie 😌

I ALWAYS pack my CLA & Carnitine (my FAV & GO-TO) FAT BURNING Supps! I take them (10-15 minutes) before I lift (4-5 times a week) for BEST results! (Especially on Vacay when I live my best life and eat how I like 😅)Obsessed with these products to Burn Fat 👊🏼💪🏼

💜Noel - will give you a 20% discount if ya pick some up! 🙌🏻

When I really experienced true happiness was when I fully accepted me for me. Stopped being resistant to my past and stopped trying to be who I wasn’t because It seemed easier. God makes you and shapes you uniquely into who you’re suppose to be through your life experiences and whatever special gift makes you,YOU. Share that gift with the world and stop worrying about what other people think or letting that hold you back. Embracing who you are will inspire others to do that same ❤️🙏🏼
P.S Hanauma Bay also makes me truly happy 😍 One of my FAVVVV places to Snorkel SO BOOOTYFUL

Shark Cage Diving wasss DOPE! Conquering one Fear at a time 👊🏼😜What Wild Adventure to do next in Hawaii!?!?

Living my best Life with @jessicaarevalo_ commentary 😂

Being a Sister means a forever love and bestfriend and Im so happy you’re my sissy ❤️ LOVE YOU 💕

In one of my favorite places with some of my favorite people 💕I’m so grateful for everything in my life that has lead me up to this exact moment❤️ The pain and hurt I experienced was for a purpose - to inspire others to see that your circumstances do not define who you are or who you become, you choose that. The times I struggled financially has made me so grateful to feel financial freedom now. I remember making excuses not to go to lunch with friends because I literally couldn’t afford it. Mind you this is when I was going to school part time, prepping for a bikini show AND working two jobs. No matter what I showed up everyday and worked my ass off, even the days I didn’t believe in myself because I knew it would pay off one day. Opportunities come when you work hard, so never give up 👊🏼🙏🏼

HAPPPPPY TUESSDAYYY FAM ❤️ Besides my Smoooff moves that add massive gains here’s a Juiccyyyy Shoulder Workout! 💪🏼 MARK SUREEE TO ❤️ and BOOKMARK 📚 This workout for laatttaaaa 🙋🏻‍♀️

1. Side Lateral Raise (one of yaaa girls fav exercises) 4 Sets X 12 Reps

2. Dumbbell Front Raise: 4 Sets X 12 Reps

3. Shoulder Traid Killer 😅: 3 Sets X Failure (hate me/love me later😂)

Outfit: @gymsharkwomen @gymshark

Just touched Down in Hawaii (One of my favorite places ever) 😍 Let the fun beeegiiiiiin 🎉

About to eat how I like, drink how I like and truly enjoy myself without feeling guilty or have this false belief I’m going to get fat 🤗❤️ Where’s the fun in worrying about everything you eat when you’re on vacay - it sucks the fun out of it

The secret is this 👉🏼 when you make this a LIFESTYLE and practice it daily - Vacations/Happy Hours/Family
Gatherings are easy to navigate, enjoy yourself and maintain progress.These are occasions that will always be apart of life SO STOP BEING AFRAID OF THEM. (Which is how much I travel often personally I still maintain my physique) •
It’s all about approaching it in moderation in order to maintain progress you’ve made! Lifting/Cardio as often as I can, watching what I eat and saving room where I can for certain stuff I do want to eat or drink (you guys know I save my cals for the wine Hehe...😜)

Break the mindset “well I’m already going way over my calories or diet so might as well eat the entire cake as opposed to just 1 slice” that’s a pattern I see in a lot of people being a coach.

Practice Moderation 👉🏼 enjoy yourself. Enable the habit of eating excessively 👉🏼 feel like crap about myself the next day. Which do you prefer? How do you want to feel? Ask yourself that.

Create and practice a lifestyle that builds you up, not one that brings you down.

Boootyyy Workout W/ Kettlebells! Hit thah BookMark 📚 and save this workout for later 😬 (LINK IN BIO FOR FULL BOOTY/AB WORKOUT)

Another way to get creative with gym equipment when you don’t have a lot to work with 🙂💪🏼 You can do a lot with kettlebells or dumbbells

1. Kettlebell Squats: 3 Sets X 10 Reps

2. Kettlebell Reverse Lunges: 3 Sets X 12 Reps (THESE ARE GREAT IF YOU HAVE KNEE ISSUE, also are more glutes focused, your welcome🙃

Leggings: @gymshark @gymsharkwomen

New Slounge Colors JUST released! ✨LINK IN BIO TO SHOP✨

Yaaa girl stand 5’6 - 138-140ish - I wear Small Top & XS bottoms! 💕(Khaki, Charcoal and Pink!) Obsessed with every color Khaki is prob my fav though 😍 I HOPE YOU SNAG AN OUTFIT - sooo comfy you can wear them anywhere 👉🏼 bed, gym, casual, the club you name it😂

Just got home in the nick of time to take a selfie in themmmmm 😂 THANK YOU anyone who uses my LINKY LINK - I love you guys and appreciate you!

😇🙏🏼 Happy to be home in my element, even though I stay pretty consistent with work/gym whenever I travel. Love LA but sometimes it’s so nice to get away from the “hectic” feel it can have on me.

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