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Turns out bullet casings are hot. #Training #TheLongRoadHome

Here's my sweet still unfinished fake Mickey beard-stash from last night's #Shameless episode. In case you missed it.

Has anyone seen this guy? Please send tips using #MickeysEscape. Considered armed and dangerous. #Shameless

Today's the day people! Your voice, your future. #VOTE!

What is likely to be the most important election of our lifetime is this Tue Nov 8. Don't sit this one out. MAKE SURE YOU #VOTE.

Here's a link with all the info you need to #vote (including early voting locations). Make your voice heard.
Democracy is an amazing and beautiful idea but it only works when informed citizens participate. That means YOU.
As a fellow citizen, I am asking you to spend an hour on or before you vote. Be informed. Be responsible.
You will be more informed spending an hour on one of these sites than you will watching an entire month of any 24hr news channel.

Know who is lying to you, who is telling the truth, how often and about what. Arm yourself with provable facts. Not opinions.

Most importantly, SPREAD THE WORD. Get your friends, family, neighbors out to vote. That is going to make all the difference.

Democracy is built for the people to decide their own fate. YOU choose what world we will all be living in. It is up to you. #VOTE!

Guess who I ran into? @elliotfgf! #Shameless

Beyond impressed with the food at @campechano_to! Best tacos I've ever had! #Toronto #Campechano

Plumber peach.

Not quite Siri. Not quite.

Remember to follow @PolitiFact and @factcheckdotorg for the debate everyone! Spread the word. #FactsMatter

There is a fire that's so big in L.A. the sky literally looks like a scene from Mad Max. #Witness! #NoFilter

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