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"Never Say Never Again"

Technically, I only wanted to go kayaking this summer, But someone had other plans. Lol #LastWeekendChronicles #WhiteWaterRafting 🛶❤️

One time for ClayCo‼️‼️ ⛽️⛽️ Tara blvd



I heard these books change lives. Figured I'd share this with you all.

Moes + Chipotle = Willys ✨

A thin line between love & fear 🐶❣️

Still Mood:

This has helped me so much in life! Being grateful for everything (even your misfortune) is good for your peace of mind and sanity.. you never loose, you only learn. #EmbraceTheStruggle ✨

@connorhickerson I swear you keep me young little one! ( please don't judge my shorts, it's much longer when I'm not doing flips 😂) and you bet I'm doing flips before I leave you. Idc where I'm going 😎✨ follow my nephew 💙 @just_keturah thanks for the kid! He is awesome

TT BABY @connorhickerson ain't even a baby no more. 💚😒 lol he always has a rebuttal for everything 😂 #FutureDebater #Intelligent #SoIAintEvenMad #3 @just_keturah

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