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No bike rides today πŸ˜‚

Inspired by my friend @hildemae 's beautiful #dearphotograph post. My parents in 1968, and my great grandmother 's house today. My family sold the house in the 90's Sad to see it needs so much repair.

Snow is really coming down. They say maybe 15-inches. This tree is gorgeous...looks like holly, but it's a huge tree.

Yesterday snow. Today almost 60 degrees. Tomorrow a huge snowstorm. New England is certainly fun πŸ™„

Yay for Friday and old friends and good books πŸ“š (and comfy converse)

We had our first real winter storm on Saturday. I was out all day, so beautiful and scary. I notice most of my winter photos are abstract, since I'm trying so hard to focus on the actual snow falling ❄️❄️

Driving through #boston right during a weird, seemingly random thunderstorm that lasted a few minutes 😳 A little city bokeh while stuck in traffic.


There may, possibly be ranunculus at Whole Foods...just saying 😍

I am taking liberties with Day 10 #imadethis I grew these, lol, that counts, right? #decemberreflections2016

For day 7, I am supposed to pick #bestdayof2016 I decided, for me, it's not about any particular day. It's more about the moments. Being with my daughters, my husband, sunsets, laughter, friends, good food, great books, the way the light plays on the curtains at a certain time of day. I've learned, after a very difficult few years, that it really is the little things in life that mean the most to me πŸ’• #decemberreflections2016

Tree reflection in a puddle. One of my favorite things to photograph. Day 8 #ontheground @susannahconway 's #decemberreflections2016

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