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Weeknight eating with my partner @oliveoilsspain . It's back to school, and with life busier than ever, here is something perfect for tonight! This dish has it all: it's crunchy, salty, sweet, savory, and a little spicy—plus, the infusion of @oliveoilsspain makes it just so luscious. The unveiling of this dish is also the kickoff for my new series on easy cooking and eating called “Let’s Go Lucy.” It’s perfect for anybody with limited time, or for new cooks like @nocrumbslefts_kid ! This dish is so simple and super quick, yet so full of flavor! Here is a tip that really takes it over the top: when you saute the spicy chorizo, you're left with a bit of fat in the pan which, combined with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain, creates a Magic Elixir that infuses the shrimp and corn with fantastic flavor!! Click link in profile for the recipe and shortly, I’ll post the step by step stories to show you how I got here, and if that’s not fabulous enough, we’re sharing a Marinated Onion bowl today! Canada included! Let me know below that you’re entering the giveaway and what you’ll be making with this fabulous Olive Oil! must be following Nocrumbsleft and be a subscriber #ad

@oliveoilsspain, Let’s Go! Even though I’m off having a fantastic trip, I’m thinking about what you’d like for wonderful weeknight eating. With @nocrumbslefts_kid up and running in her new apartment, I’m developing a new series called Let’s Go with Lucy to share great weeknight eating that is simple to put together with a lot of flexibility and lots of different levels, depending on how far you want to take your cooking. We’re going to kick it off together with @oliveoilsspain. I’m still finding gorgeous corn at the market, and there is simply nothing like corn infused with extra virgin Olive Oil. Cutting corn off the cob makes it so much better, and here I’m showing you a technique to extract the milk from the cob. Tomorrow, not only will I be doing stories showing you step by steps, but @nocrumbslefts_kid will be too, in tandem! Any guesses about the finished product? #LetsGoLucy

Is anyone wondering what I’m doing post @whole30recipes takeover ? Well what I can tell you for sure is that we’ve gone fishing as the expression goes. If you’re trying to reach us. This this is the reason you’re unable to. And they won’t let me bring my phone in the pool. No cooking… Just a lot of having fun with @symmetrybreakfast @lauricebell @zach_attack_chicago @roroinla @markvanbeek at @esperanzaresort in Cabo. We sure had a lot of fun with the @vitamix giveaway . I’m happy for all five winners @akrop_fit_life
but I’m even happier that so many people are making a difference. It can be said that there’s so much wrong with the world but there could also be so much that is truly amazing and thanks to all of you for making a difference

@nocrumbsleft annual Unsung Hero @vitamix Giveaway! I have so many amazing followers who make a differences - nurses, fireman, first responders, teachers and all the others that make the world a better place. If this is you, tell me who you are and share how you are helping, below in the comments. You must be following @vitamix and @nocrumbsleft on instagram, then click the link in the profile to fill out the form to officially enter. The winner will be picked form the comments and announced on Thursday. Regular giveaway closed and those 4 winners will be announced later on the stories. Let’s go! Tag someone who you know makes a difference ! Just for clarification the regular giveaway winners were announced yesterday and the unsung hero giveaway is still going on. Winner announced today

Last Chance @vitamix Giveaway! 4 winners announced tomorrow and Tuesday night we open the Unsung Hero Giveaway. I’m pretty delighted to be away in Mexico. Thanks to @esperanzaresort - I only wish I had some of my Coconut Lime Vinaigrette with me, but I’ve sworn off cooking for seven days. I had a wonderful week over at @whole30recipes and in celebration of that I’m delighted to be sharing five @vitamix with all my @nocrumbsleft followers - If you haven’t signed up is the last chance - tag a foodie friend who wants to win as much as you, then you must CLICK THE LINK IN PROFILE and fill out the quick form to enter. Must be following @nocrumbsleft and @Vitamix. I want to thank all of you so much for going along on the ride with me last week and all the love, messages, and thank you notes. You guys are the best! What do they say…Rising tides lifts all ships. Well, you guys certainly do that for me last week. Mexico anyone?

@vitamix GIVEAWAY ! Finished Product and it’s absolutely wonderful! Here’s a dish that I shared yesterday on my @whole30recipes Takeover and it is a unanimous home run! It’s my current favorite dish, and is my own updated spin on a Filet Of Fish. Sure to please anyone, especially those eating more seafood, it’s as simple as a nice piece of cod, or white fish, dusted with almond meal, paprika, and garlic powder, then sautéed and served with my classic Tarragon Tartar Sauce Magic Elixir. Then topped with Marinated Red Onions and Refrigerator Pickles. If you’re nut free, dust the the fish with cassava flour. Today I’ll be sharing the step-by-steps of this dish here on my stories. Be sure to check out the LIVE I did this morning over @whole30recipes where I visited my local CSA, the @greencitymarket , and talked with Beth @greenacresindiana and Froggy @froggymeadow all about seasonal cooking, how to make a variety of greens, and why it’s important to know your Farmers! To enter the Vitamix Giveaway, follow @nocrumbsleft and @Vitamix, tag a foodie friend who wants to win as much as you, then click the link in profile and fill out the quick form. Winners announced Tuesday and unsung hero giveaway on Wednesday! Happy birthday @nocrumbslefts_kid 💙💙💙💙

GIVEAWAY CLOSED People are always asking about @whole30 lunches, so we’ve created an entire blog post with tips and great lunch ideas, including doing extra Heroine Chicken thighs and wings for leftovers. My advice: don’t over complicate it - lunch is often leftovers with greens, crudité and fruit. Remember to double up on roasted vegetables to get you through the week. Here, I have my leftover Heroine Chicken on a bed of greens with my Marinated Red Onions, vegetables, fruit, and @seasnax. In celebration of my @whole30recipes Takeover, if you can believe it, we are giving away 25 bundles of SeaSnax! So tag some foodie friends who would love these as you. It’s only for 24 hours, so enthusiastically let me know why you below. Winners announced today on my stories and must be nocrumbsleft blogs subscribers. For details on the lunchbox, check out my stories.

@vitamix Giveaway! Today, over on my @whole30recipes takevoer, I did a live from the @greencitymarket with Steve from @nicholsfarmandorchard . It was all about eating seasonally and what that means. So, if you’d like to hear more, head on over and check out the Live on @whole30recipes- it’s up for another half day. I love this time of year when summer produce is turning into fall, but you still have a foot in both worlds. This salad is perfect for this moment. It celebrates the haricots verts of summer and the sweet potatoes of fall. This is delicious for a weeknight meal and fantastic for a dinner party. And remember, your salad is only as good as your ingredients, which is why I like to cook with local and in season produce. It’s all topped off with my Marinated Red Onions and not one, but two dressings because I am a bit of a lily gilder. As a woman with grown children, my best advice is to make dinner a sacred moment with your family. If not every day, then set an intention for twice a week. I’m missing my own kids right now, @nocrumbslefts_kid and @nocrumbslefts_otherkid who each have birthdays this week and I am sad not to be able to celebrate with them until later. Love your kids and hold them tight. Be sure to enter the @vitamix giveaway - tag a foodie friend that would like to win as much as you, then click the link in profile to officially enter. What would you grab first from this platter? to enter click the link in profile then touch the Nocrumbsleft logo and it pulls up the post. Enter there.

Turn up the volume! I’m doing my @Whole30Recipes takeover, and you better believe I’m bringing it! If you can believe it, everything in this fridge is @whole30 . My motto is focus on all the fabulous things you can eat, rather than worrying about what you can’t. Meal prep for me is all about having my Magic Elixirs, arugula, Marinated Red Onions, extra protein, and extra batches of cooked vegetables. Rather than having lots of boxes of pre-done food for the week, I like to prep some wonderful side dishes, then have some proteins and @Whole30 Magic Elixirs that allow me to pull together a spectacular meal in moments. Here you see my refrigerator filled entirely with @Whole30 favorites. I shared this over @whole30recipes a year ago , but wanted to share it here this time around as well. I love my @Whole30 Magic Elixirs that take food from ordinary to extraordinary: Marinated Red Onions, Pistachio Pesto, Green Goddess Dressing, Preserved Lemons, Caesar Dressing, Tarragon Shallot Tartar Sauce, Crispy Chicken, Heroine Chicken, Tomato Confit, Garlic Confit, Spicy Almond Sauce, Blended Cashew Cream, Red Pepper Paste, the mixtures for Chicken and Salmon Burgers, and my other marinades, dressings and unique secret sauces. If you make only two of these, your refrigerator will be thrilling! Check my blog for recipes like these and more! Be sure to enter the @Vitamix Giveaway—tag  a friend who would love to win as much as you, then click the link in profile to officially enter! What do you want most from my refrigerator?

Vitamix Giveaway! In celebration of my @whole30recipes Takeover, which by the way is starting tomorrow, @vitamix is joining in the fun! We are giving away 5 total VITAMIX – 4 to followers and 1 for NoCrumbsLeft annual Unsung Hero Giveaway so watch the stories for sequels. And be sure to let your first responders, nurses, fireman, teachers, and heroes of all kinds know about the Giveaway! What do you think about this soup? Creamless Tomato @whole30 soup, and it’s a dream! Recipe to follow. Here’s what you can expect this week: regular programming over here with lots of stories, and over on @whole30recipes I’ll be posting four times a day. It’s a week of building blocks. My theme over there is “mix and match,” and you will learn an assortment of tools to help you build your own recipes. I simply cannot wait! To enter the Giveaway, be sure to like the post, follow nocrumbsleft and Vitamix, and tag a foodie friend (or four) who would like to win, and let us know below what you would make with your Vitamix. Be sure to click the link in profile to officially enter. If you are wondering if @nocrumbsleft is bringing it for the @whole30recipes Takeover, buckle your seatbelts, folks! Be

I love the idea of bone broth! It’s not just good for you, but it actually makes you feel good when you eat it. I notice that many bone broths just don’t taste good. So, this summer, with @nocrumbslefts_kid home, I set out to create something spectacular. Mostly, I’m in the background storying about it, but with the @whole30recipes takeover coming up, I am going to be revealing my recipe, which is fantastic by the way! To tell you the truth, it’s a bit of an improv, but I reserve all of the bones from everything I cook, from my Everyday Roasted Chicken breasts, to my pork shoulder or bone-in steaks.  Then once a month, I take them out and go through the arduous work of roasting them up with vegetables. Making bone broth is a healing art.  It heals every cell of your being, which helps make up for the fact that it's quite a project - you will definitely have some dishes to do when you are done. I have a secret ingredient that takes mine over the top and brings a deliciousness that you can't get from just bones.  It's fresh chicken!  I can't wait to share the exact recipe, and the step-by-steps of how we get there next week during my @whole30recipes takeover. Stay tuned. Who’s excited about my @Whole30Recipes Takeover?

Onion Bowls…they’re back! Not just for sale, but as a giveaway, too! I’m pretty delighted about my @whole30recipes takeover starting Monday. You can expect some great ideas about what to make next for dinner, whether you are @whole30 or just appreciate delicious food. This dish is super budget-friendly, delicious, and makes great leftovers. You’ll find the recipe on the takeover next week. I’m delighted to be able to share one of my Marinated Red Onion Bowls today, in celebration of the bowls being available again for purchase. Tag a foodie friend who would love a bowl as much as you, and let me know in a comment below that you are entering and what you enjoy your Marinated Red Onions on. Click the link in my profile to purchase a bowl.

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