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Clean Slate Café last call. I couldn’t resist sharing this extra shot from last night. Such a classic Teri with battery cords in my pocket. Thanks to my friends @spindriftfresh for the wonderful time and be sure to join along next week on my @whole30recipes takeover where we’re going to be giving a year of @spindriftfresh to one lucky winner. On to Albuquerque for The Winter Institute for Independent Booksellers. Then back to start my @whole30recipes takeover Monday, January 28. I am in awe of the generosity of community members who purchased some pay it forward nocrumbsleft cookbooks to share with the other community members we’ve selected as recipients. We’re sharing 5 of the fantastic T-shirt’s the crew wore yesterday and they are so fun ❤️❤️ . Tag a foodie friend below and let me know your in !! Let’s GO !!

I’m in NYC with @spindriftfresh and lots of clean eats, new stuff, satisfying sips, mock-tails and guiltless eating at the #thecleanslatecafe pop up. They have partnered up with some wonderful clean-conscious brands sharing their goodness like @applegate @chomps @kettleandfire
@vitalfarms_ & @primalpalate and also @primalkitchenfoods. Plus i got to share the evening with friends like @shannadk @rachmartino @iheartumami.ny . The pop up is here for a few days and a must do if you’re doing @whole30. What’s your favorite Spindrift flavor? Cause we’re giving away an 8 pack to you and a friend.. so tag a foodie friend who would love it as much as you !!

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I love salad as a lifestyle – like this amazing Wedge with my Green Goddess Dressing. Here’s the fantastic part: I’ve got two salad dressings, one Whole30 and another made with @icelandicprovisions Skyr. So there is something for everyone! Jammy eggs, crispy bacon, greenhouse tomatoes, and although I like all varieties of greens, occasionally there is something fantastic about having a wedge of iceberg lettuce. I’m absolutely thrilled how many of you are pre-ordering my cookbook. This next week is going to be fantastic so join me tomorrow as I head to New York for the Clean Skate popup with my friends @spindrift. Then on Thursday I head to Albuquerque for the Winter Institute for Independent Booksellers. Then back to start my @whole30recipes takeover Monday, January 28. Have you ever made a Wedge Salad? It’s so good!

Fish Sandwich -- unanimous home run! With so many of you doing Whole30, I want to be sure to give you another great idea. This is my own take on a Filet of Fish and perfect for those who are eating more seafood! It's as simple as a nice piece of cod or white fish, dusted with almond meal, paprika and garlic powder then sauteed. Serve with my Tarragon Tartar Sauce, Marinated Onions and Refrigerator Pickles Magic Elixirs. What's your home run for Sunday cooking? If you’re from 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 we’re figuring out which cities we might include on the book tour. Be sure to be a blog subscriber so we can add you into our hard number and let me know below where you’re from .

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! My salt and pepper cellars are now in the shop. I may not be impartial, but these sets are gorgeous — a black one for salt and a white one for pepper—and I’m absolutely delighted at the response from you sharing all the ways you’re using them. I keep my salt and pepper in bowls rather than jars. I have a set by the stove for cooking and another on my table for finishing—it’s simply so much easier and more organic. And I’m also using them on platters with bowls of salad dressing and fresh chopped herbs. Click the link in my profile to get to the shop. In the spirit of “pay it forward,” I want to give away two today, one of them to a government employee who has been furloughed. Thanks for all you do to make a difference! Tag a foodie friend to share the love. Here’s how to enter: enthusiastically let us know below, why you? Must be a blog subscriber.

GIVEAWAY I'm so crazy about
my friends at @eatpre_ and this is just perfect for a last minute, delicious, whipped together dinner. NY strip, jammy eggs, avocado, pepperoncini and my Creamy Horseradish Magic Elixirs. And the good news is, it's @whole30! PRE is 100% grass fed and finished and non GMO resulting in healthier cows which means beef that's higher in nutrients and antioxidants. Fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing some of you tonight at the Pre meetup! We only storied about it once - because it sold out in just a few hours so we couldn't include everyone in this one. You can follow along virtually though, tonight I'm going to be dishing with @chefsarahrusso on all things meal prep. We plan on doing more and guess what? Everyone leaves with a steak! I'm so excited that I want to share more with you guys who can't be there. So we are giving boxes of @eatpre_ goodness to 3 US winners. So tag a foodie friend who's a carnivore like us. Click the link in profile for the recipe. #ad Winners announced Sunday night !!

Pistachio Pesto Stuffed Chicken Burger – I’m delighted about this burger. It’s loaded with crunchy, salty goodness, including olives, spinach, onions and peppers, plus there is a secret inside: a well in the center stuffed with my Pistachio Pesto. It’s delicious. I like to make the mixture, keep it in the jar in the fridge for a day or two, and then make and stuff the burgers as I go. You are going to absolutely love it, whether you are doing @whole30 W or you simply like to eat delicious food. It’s so popular on the blog! In less than 2 weeks I am going to be over @whole30recipes sharing some of my favorites. In the meantime, what is your favorite twist on a burger?

Lobster Cobb @whole30 and why the heck not…Let’s go! You might be surprised to hear that at most grocery stores you can buy very reasonably priced small frozen lobster tails, often cheaper than salmon or shrimp. In celebration of that, I have developed this amazing Lobster Cobb. The secret to a delicious salad is making each element yourself. It’s a bit of prep, but well worth it. Here I’ve blended @wholesisters Ranch with my Tomato Confit MAGIC ELIXIRS™ for a fantastic salad dressing. This salad is easy, delicious, and just makes you feel better about life to take a bite or two.
If you can believe it we’re back from Minnesota and already hard at work in the kitchen. With a @whole30recipes Takeover two weeks away, we’re so busy.  It was really fun to get away for a few days, but I’m going to be happy to sleep in my own bed tonight and there is still more this week with an @eatpre event on Thursday. Then I’m off to NYC with @SpindriftFresh. There’s a possible foodie field trip to Asheville in the future and we absolutely need to know all the foodie details. So all you North Carolina foodies – tell us all your favorite foodie places!

We are loving Minneapolis and I’m wondering if the @hewinghotel would let us stay on indefinitely! The hotel is so hip, and this oasis is a respite in one of my favorite cities. The restaurant @tullibeemn is amazing and I’m pretty much going to be dreaming of the Broccolini for a long time! We wanted to let you see for yourself so we have an IG Live up for the next day. Follow along with us today for more, and see where we wind up tonight! I am delighted and moved every time I get a message, direct message and story tagging me about your pre-ordering my @whole30 endorsed book. It’s pretty much my love language and I am so delighted after working on my secret project for the last year that you have met my hard work with so much enthusiasm… Let’s go! We’re talking about which cities for the book tour and I would like to include you in my thought process, so let me know below where we should head!

Minnesota Meetup! Midwest folks are some of my favorite people. Thanks to the nearly 200 of you who turned out today for the Nocrumbsleft Meetup in Minneapolis. Thanks to @thelynhall for graciously housing us. Lots of meet and greet, talking about my cookbook out this spring, and dishing about how I got started with this blog three and half years ago. Tagging and stories a go go!! I was so busy talking to all of you I didn’t film, but fortunately so many of you documented it and I’ll be sharing all of those on the stories. Our Minneapolis adventure continues tomorrow when I’ll be the special guest of @daniellewalker at her #eatwhatyoulovebook event. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there!

I’m loving how many of you are making my Romesco sauce from Friday’s post. It’s easy, delicious, great with so many things, plus perfect for leftover breakfast or lunch the next day. The Romesco sauce is ideal with the Whole30 lunch, or add a couple of spoonfuls in a soup, use it with mayo for a chicken salad, or as a dipping sauce for crudités. This is finished with my Marinated Red Onions and a drizzle of Marinated Red Onion oil. If you’re doing Whole30, batch cooking is a great idea—like roasted vegetables at dinner with enough for the next day’s breakfast—and everything is better on a bed of greens. We’ve arrived in Minnesota and are having a wonderful stay at the @hewinghotel and more about that later. I’m totally delighted to see many of you today at the Minnesota meet up—tickets required! I love arriving in the Midwest, where everybody is just as friendly as could be. Let’s go, Minneapolis! If you’re looking for the unsung hero giveaway there is still time to enter on the last post. Where should I come for my next Nocrumbsleft meet up?

Giveaway closed winner announced on the stories. It’s with joy and fervor that I’m kicking off the Unsung Hero Giveaway. I love the nurses, the firefighters, the teachers, and all the others who help make the world a better place every day. If this is you, tell me who you are and share how you are helping. We are living in murky times, and what’s important to remember is that there are heroes among us all of the time. If you can’t find one, be one! Today is about celebrating that in ourselves and others, and so I’m asking you to call that out and tell about it and tag a friend who wants to celebrate heroes also. We are all heroes in our own way. We will be selecting someone who is a @Nocrumbsleft follower and blog subscriber. Winner for this beautiful 5 1/2 quart dutch oven announced Monday on the stories. Congrats @arkinson76 to you and your son 💛💛💛

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