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Sarah B Rawz  You've done all the things. You've gotten all the accolades. And the feel good you were expecting just isn't there. I've got you; gimme a holler.

This. This to me is the gold standard. Despair robs us of our will to make change - and the energy it takes to get the change- making work done. Just like hate. Joy, on the other hand, supercharges us for the good fight. .
#strongertogether #resist #lovewins #joyismysuperpower

Because of course my friend would have things that inspire me on his fridge. #birdsofafeather #strongertogether #pause

On Friday, I took some waiting room time to tackle a #JackCanfield challenge and list 100 things I've accomplished so far. It was refreshing to review my life through that lens. .
Your turn: What rad things have you done so far with your time on this planet? Set a timer for 20 minutes and let 'er rip!

Hope is seeing that your amazing, energetic, vibrant, brilliant niece has liked a #blacklivesmatter post from the @aclu_nationwide. @phoebekaplan, I'm so grateful for who you are as a person, a teacher, and an American - and what you and your generation mean for our future. Love you oodles. ❤

Okay, @mlviguers, let's see how many days I can rock #10days10books. I'm reading this one now - it would be historical fiction if Circe had actually lived.

We saw the new Jurassic World movie last week because dinosaurs. Early in the movie, I scrawled this quote in the dark so I'd remember to share it with you. The more I thought about it, though, the more I wanted to tweak it because while change can be scary, it can also be beautiful, even miraculous. Swipe to see my version and let me know what you think, wouldja?
#biggerbadder #theonlyconstantischange #jurassicworld #quotes

This 3rd generation American and her 4th generation sweetheart are about ready to to represent for our immigrant brothers and sisters! .
#resist #strongertogether #immigrantsmakeamericagreat #immigrantswegetthejobdone #familiesbelongtogether #strongertogether #nooneisillegal

This is Scott Colby, y'all. He's serious about smiling. And gratitude. And presence in these precious lives of ours. I got to have lunch with him yesterday - you'll get to read a guest post by him on my blog soon. Keep an eye out. .
#networkingisrelationshipbuilding #gratitude #biggerbadder

Justice Sotomayor, thank you. Via @acluva. #nomuslimbanever

Yet again, our most powerful tool in #resistance is love. Wholehearted, unabashed, wild love. When we give into hate, we give away our power. Use your anger to fuel your love. ❤🤘❤
#resist #strongertogether #lovewins

This moment of glorious, healthful abundance brought to you by Garden Variety Harvests and other awesome and ethical vendors at the Grandin Village Farmers Market!
It's easy to take food for granted. Though it shouldn't be a privilege to have healthful food, it is. Supporting small farms like these not only benefits the farmers but also keeps more money in our local economies, fewer toxins in our land, and supports all the efforts groups like LEAP are making to get these same foods into the bellies of those who have less access to them. .
Bonus: Farmers markets are great communities. Go feel the joy yourself!
#strongertogether #eatlocal #biggerbadder

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