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Jaekwon  Based in: Salzburg, Austria. 🇰🇷🇩🇪. Dancer | Choreographer | Adventurer. Email: nobleherogold@googlemail.com

Good morning! ☀️ Throwback to Circle Industry’s 10 Year Anniversary. Picture by @u.aydt #beautiful #salzburg #austria #thinkingman #urbanninja

Next goal: Summer Dance Forever. Yes, I said it. Let‘s go. #popping #locking #breaking #aimhigh #whoelseisgoing #practicepartners Picture @ernest.stierschneider

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new“ - Socrates. Here is a little secret: Since my knee injury, I cannot sit fully on my heel. Because of that, many positions in Footwork are simply not possible for me anymore (which still bothers me, because I loved doing Footwork so much). Very often, although I usually tell everyone that my knee doesn‘t hurt anymore, because I got too tired of talking about that injury again and again, it does still hurt. I was often on the verge of giving up. I still sometimes am. Nevertheless, I consider myself lucky - because due to that injury I was able to truly realize how much I love this dance and this culture, because I have received so much support and I am now surrounded by many people who I deeply respect and cherish, because I have the chance to continuously explore, develop and reinvent myself. I was never really the competition guy. I always experiment at events, sometimes put myself in the most disadvantaged situations, just to see if it might still work out. Sometimes it does, very often it doesn‘t 😆 But no matter the outcome, the feeling of taking these risks and (re)discovering things is simply amazing! I can honestly say that I am enjoying my journey to the fullest and I wish for all of you to experience a similar joy. Haha, I wonder if anyone even takes the time to read through all of this. Ok, I‘m done. Good n8! #toomuchtext #breaking #blackandwhite Picture by @ernest.stierschneider

“LocKwonDō“ 😆 @justedebout_officiel Austria 🇦🇹 Good luck and fun(k) to all the dancers who compete and represent at the JD finals in Paris tonight! In other news, Circle Industry’s 10 year anniversary was off the hook. I feel sorry for everyone who missed out on this one. Well, the next big Breaking event is coming up soon! Now, it’s time to get in shape for @redbullbcone Austria. #breaking #locking #dancedancedance #competitor #dirtythirties #rawcollective

Yesterday, at Circle Industry, a selection of Austrian dancers have received private lessons from @roxrite95 @bboy_taisuke and @urbandancehealth ! Today we had more workshops with @bboyjuniorofficiel @supamontalvo @mennovangorp and @crazylegsbx . Thanks to @rookies_at_work, @thisisesteem and @redbullaustria for making this happen and pushing the Austrian dance scene! #circleindustry #redbullbcone #healthiswealth #communityfirst #breaking #hiphopculture

⛩ “A warrior cultivates the mind and body, but above all, the spirit. Why? Even with one arm, I can fight! For what I lack in knowledge, there‘s instinct. But for the spirit? There is no alternative.“ - Steven C. Hayes. #blackandwhite #ninja #flare #breaking #streetdancecenter #bboyworld #mindurstep #circleindustry Picture by @ernest.stierschneider Thanks to @thisisesteem for the support.

I don‘t just “Walk Out“, I “Walk Up“. 😆 Dancing on an uneven plank? Got that. #dancingwaiter #octoberfestskills #popping #fromthesoul #hushpuppies Picture by @ernest.stierschneider

What a weekend!! Made it to the quarterfinals in Locking and Popping at Juste Debout Austria. Thanks a lot to my partners @funky_t_hmc and @knuffelbuntval as well as to @lockalita_melonehat and @sheep_prodigyy, who btw did an amazing job and made it to the semi-finals, for your energy and the intense sessions! I‘m highly motivated and already looking forward to the next time we get to jam with each other! It was amazing to see so many friends growing and challenging themselves in various categories throughout the event! @nobunagalewing and @lucas_benjamin_ were on fire 🔥 🔥🔥 #locking #popping #austria #justedebout #tanzen

A weekend full of dance, philosophical talks, laughter, inspiration, party and exchange! Thank you, Amsterdam, @mind.ur.step for making it happen and @elonthewanderingspirit for your great class! House Dance Forever and Juste Debout Holland were off the hook as well! I haven‘t really slept a lot these days, nevertheless I feel somewhat refreshed! Next stop: Juste Debout Austria 🇦🇹 #dance #theater #tentacletribe #idontsleepiwait

“Mind Ur Step“. I have arrived in Amsterdam and I‘m looking forward to watching the theater performances at House Dance Forever/Juste Debout Holland tonight, reuniting with the @mind.ur.step gang and Hungry Shark @ainy_hmc 🦈, learning from the amazing @tentacletribe as well as enjoying the heated battles, cyphers and parties this weekend! #blackandwhite #inspiration #exchange #alwaysastudent #hiphoptheatre #lightandshadow Picture by @ernest.stierschneider

“Parental Advisory: Explicit Content“ 😘 The first picture from a new series with photographer @ernest.stierschneider #8pack #lightandshadow #athleticism #hat #longhair #asianmen #hungrysharks #fitnessmodel #ididnteventry

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