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k a t y ➕ d i l l  you l̶o̶v̶e̶ live to sew, too?! let's be friends! bee keeper, chicken wrangler, harpist, and champion for your best skin...@KatyDill_randf!🌴fl

Growing up we’d listen to the velveteen rabbit on my dad’s turntable. I loved it. I always imagined he looked something like this one. I told Pearl we were going to phase out all the bunnies once she leaves for college and she said she could never phase bunnies out of her life because they’ve become part of her. Anyone want a rabbit raised by this sensitive soul? 🐇

I’ve wanted to use these beauty berries in a bouquet forever. They’re just by the side of the road up the street. I admire their beauty every season they pop up. Fun fact: they’re edible! Our friends made jelly and it tastes like a floral honey! The yellow/green variegated ornamental ginger leaves came from our yard. We sadly learned last year that they do, indeed, freeze if not covered from frost nights. They’ve slowly come back, but aren’t nearly as big as they were. #katybikestochurch

I saw a dad give his little boy the best hug this morning as he was saying goodbye, the kind of hug that leaves zero doubt that he is a treasured soul to his papa. Then I saw a little girl with leftover kitty paint on her face skipping into school. It made me chuckle and so ridiculously happy. In other news, Scout turned into a wolf in the night. 🐩➡️🐺

When they’re willing to wear a costume you’ve already made, they become your favorite child. #queenofhearts

Today, I actually beat the washer and dryer with my ninja folding skills. I was like, “you guys are such slow pokes. Hurry up already.” So, basically winning at life today. 💁🏼‍♀️ #nofilterdude

When you start the day off noticing someone ran into your mailbox in the night that you spent hours taping reflective tape in the pattern of a checkerboard without so much as a note and then watch as the same woman each day in carline drops her cigarette out the window. But then you make the conscientious decision that you will not let it color, not even tint, nor taint your day. You decide not to allow the actions of others turn your mood into a grumbling-followed-by-a-rain-cloud one. You take the reigns of your day and choose to make it a happy, good one. 🌦

Sometimes all I get done in a day is cleaning the oven, while the rest of the day feels like I’m a cartoon, spinning my legs so fast, but not going anywhere, just creating more dust. 😂 But you can bet your caramel apple pie that I look at that oven about 15 times throughout the day, like a boxy little cheerleader, nudging me into carrying on with carrying on. (Recipe: I used @nobiggie’s slab apple pie recipe, but just used a regular pie dish)

Vanilla bean ice cream and a green bath bomb might not take away a 102.7° fever, but they sure make it more bearable. Poor boy.

We didn’t get the Summer-is-over memo. Or maybe we did and just ignored it. I’m known for that kind of childish behavior.

I got lots of questions about my previous no homework post, so I put up my response in my stories. I’d love to hear from those of you who have taken a similar stance.

We don’t make our elementary school kids do homework. Clover feels the pressure to do it, and we help if she wants to, but we figure they’ve got 7 hours of school, let them just play outside when they get home. We DO read before bedtime, and it’s been so fun to have Drummer now read to US. By the way, this is the backyard magnolia tree that named our home. Our tree guy estimates she’s a couple hundred years old. We love the tree and her boy.

From last evening. Drummer was mad that his shoes were still wet this morning. 😂 But would you just look at this stunner of a world we get to enjoy?! I like to imagine the conversation about clouds when the world was being theorized: I’m going to create these floating things that just hover around the whole thing and they turn different colors and shapes, AND sometimes I’ll have water fall from them! Won’t that be so cool?! #cloudsareawesome

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