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No Aloha  brette + blake + alirae + alex

Sneak peak! We’re premiering our video for “The Big One” this Wednesday at @holoceneportland with @plasticweather and @cool_american_ranch_life
#noalohapdx #pdxmusic #musicvideo

We will be premiering our very first music video on Wednesday, December 5th at @holoceneportland! But wait there’s more! @plasticweather will ALSO be premiering a music video! But wait there’s still more! @cool_american_ranch_life will be playing too! Wow! This will be a red carpet affair, obviously, so wear your best duds! #noalohapdx #pdxmusic

I don’t think we’ve formally introduced everyone to our new drummer! This @alexandergeiszler and he’s been playing with us for a couple months and *swoooon* we love him so much 😍 come see him do his thing tonight at No Fun! #noalohapdx #pdxmusic

Blake just called this aquarium a fish house

This is what Blake sees in the group chat 😅

No Aloha is a 5 piece now! You’re only allowed to be in the band if your name starts with an A or a B!
Come “C” @closet_jock play her first show with us at No Fun Saturday night with our favorite
5 dollars but no one will be turned away for lack of funds 🤗 #noalohapdx #pdxmusic #yesaloha

SO excited to be playing this benefit show with @goodcheerrecords! This Friday at Clinton Street Theater! Proceeds go to help the Oregon Food Bank :) #noalohapdx #pdxmusic

When everyone’s tired and ready to stop practicing the same songs over and over again this kinda stuff happens #noalohapdx

Blake is German and AliRae is maybe German

Super excited for tonight! This will be our first show with a drummer (not pictured)! Come see the new and improved No Aloha Playing at Turn Turn Turn tonight! 8:30, 7 bucks with @leeandthebees and @maitamusic

NA photo shoot day with @theyhateu 📸 #noalohapdx

No Aloha vacation day

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