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Day 1 Invercargil->Waihola : I am the furthest I have ever been from home. I landed in Invercargil with my backpack and no real plan. I have hitched a ride with my new friend Lennart, a German beekeeper, through Catlins in the South Island after a night of drinking, and a late night Mcdonalds run. We have plans to meet in Tokyo for the Rugby world cup, where we will get trashed with Japanese Business men on sake in a Karaoke bar!
Most people want to be your friend, just takes a few beers, and a little bit of persuasion.

I'm not a person who has a lot of friends, and probably never will, but I have recieved, and given a lot of love to the ones I do have. I'm am so lucky to have these amazing people in my life, and have their support as I journey to another side of the world to go after what makes me happy. Because life is truly what you make it, so make it a good one with the people you love.

Corners of the Earth

Over 120 flights, and over 100,000 miles driven has taken me to every state west of the Mississippi this past year. From the sacred pools of Hawaii, to the Alaskan wilderness, to 15 music festivals spread across the country, 3 of which on the same weekend(LA➡ATL➡NY).
I've raced the sun from the Pacific horizon to the Atlantic horizon before the earth made a full rotation, and chased its total ecclipse through the Tetons. I've battled through the extremes of -25 F winter nights, to 115 F summer days, there have been a handful of close calls, each of which have caused me to reflect on who I have become.

I've taken away so much from 2017, I hope I was able to leave a few smiles in my wake.

Bringing in the New Year with my favorite artist in my favorite city with one of my best friends. @mtshuster

Guess I'm a fair weather fan...

Skol Vikings

Well, it's been real. I think it is best that I start over in a new dimension.

Catching the last flight out across the country to party with some of my favorite people for one day. Those are the moments to live for.

Took me over a year, but finally got around to hiking the highest point in Arizona, Humphreys Peak at 12,635 feet (9.5 miles in and out, with gain in Elevation of 3,421 feet).

It has been just over a year since I moved out west to Arizona, and it was the biggest change in my life so far. But the move help me realize that the only limitations are the ones that I created for my self.
Now I'm not sure what I was thinking, and maybe I should create some more limitation for myself, but it is important to make sure every second counts. So I decide to live on the wild side, and spend each day of the weekend hitting a festival in a major city of the United States. Nocturnal wonderland (Friday-Los Angeles, CA) -> Music Midtown (Saturday-Atlanta, Ga) -> Meadows (Sunday-Queens, NY). 5 flights
2 hrs of sleep on a fouton
8 hrs of sleep in Airports/Planes
1 camelback
3 Tshirts (fruit variety)
1 festival passport

Forgot to get around to posting this earlier. But still wanted something to remember the adventure.
Starting the weekend with an unorthadox layover in Phoenix to switch out gear, we made our trip to Salt lake city. We then drove through the night into the part of the country where the only light was that from the celestial bodies in the heavens. After a grued awakening to buckshells going off in the hills near the car, we made our way to the base of the Tetons. Come the day of the eclipse we set off at four in the morning in hopes to find a prime spot that would also help us avoid the great migration of people after the event. This photo is from the spot we decided to watch it from, a pulloff on the Teton Mountain pass. We didn't beat all the traffic, but we did make our flight with only a few minutes to spare.

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