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I did it for the 5 bucks, and of course; LEBRON JAMES😤🔥oh and five guys afterwards was the definition of heaven😍🍔| @caleberation @zang.will

Old clips new clips and broken boards💔 | R.I.P. @caleberation deck😢

Can’t skate cause I’m a cripple for now🙄😂 so expect some posts of the homie @caleberation I’m his personal filmer for about a month📹 also I’m pretty sure @jake.shea21 is the resurrected Houdini🔮|

If the weather stops trippin and decides to stay 1 season, me and @caleberation will give everyone that likes this a cookie🍪💯


You already know what it is😎| @caleberation

Big win last night🔥🏀 lets get that second championship💪 (yes ik kyrie isnt on the team anymore🙄)

Gotta take a beating sometimes😤|📹 @caleberation @zang.will

Back on the board and never stepping offf😆| #swipe➡️

One of the best feelings in skateboarding is jumping down something big then looking back at it realizing you landed while your homies are just as hyped as you are😎🤘

It’s not a sport, or a hobby, it’s a lifestyle...| @caleberation @andrew_gray18

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