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Noah Redcay  The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese

Warning: Sentimental Post (you have been warned) - When you guys found me 2 or 3 years ago I was lost & deeply insecure. Studying & reading wasn't a thing. The idea that a girl would make me feel complete was ingrained in my mind. Emotionally unstable one said. No more being internally weak. Instead it's replaced with a fair amount of inner strength. Needing validation? Greatly diminished, but still a bit left... like this post (who doesn't like to be accepted, understood, and appreciated) Books, I read those. Things I didn't like about me I accepted... or if I really didn't like it I worked toward changing it. On the contrary, there is still work to be done (Goal Attributes: Compassion, Gratitude, Humility, Integrity, Courage, Self Reliance, Temperance, Equanimity) But dang... so far life never felt more liberating and joyful. I believe every thing and every one contributes to where you're going. You guys have in more ways than one. Although we are on different paths, and from what I've seen (setting a good example through your discipline and hardwork), I'm confident we will all reach our goals. Truly, thank you. Like the Tarzan song by Phil Collins... you'll beeeeee in my heart.

Digital hug from Niagara Falls itself

Brief adventure summary: My water bottle made a soothing sound from the wind blowing over it. I got to pee where ever I wanted. Having no cell service for 3 hrs induced feeling spiritual AF. Mistaked every sudden movement as a wild beast wanting to make me their dinner, but only turned out to be deer or chipmunks, oh and me stepping on sticks. Pretended I was in terabithia. Eventually acquired a 3 1/2 foot long, dead, minature tree like object the further I got from civilzation, to aide in my protection. Pausing incrementally to track my thoughts that I think might amuse you. Dodging treacherous puddles to avoid getting my feet wet, with a success rate of 72%. Got to bury my face in a good book under a mighty non-oak tree...maybe pine? I'm gunna stop now because i'm interrupting my hike too much

Congrats on not only being newly engaged... but also YOU'RE PREGNANT! My first pregnant friend, so weird, but so awesome. I respect the heck out of you, and I know you will be a great father. We've been on a lot of crazy adventures... saving the world from zombies. Call of duty is the best. Most importantly i'm flattered you want to name the baby after me, but you don't have to. You da man Andy! (He gave me permission to post this)

Yes my grandma is asian... and yes I know I don't look asian at all #HalfBlood

They so fancy


"Theyyyyyy're Great!" -Tony The Tiger

The end always gets me 😂

On Saturday June 3rd, 2017 around 8 ish my dear hat flew away. We've been through so much the past couple of weeks since we first met. From video games, disk golf, to grocery shopping. One time we almost showered together because I forgot to take you off. The connection was that real. It all ended at an amusement park, on the coal cracker. I felt you start to slip away, and before I could do anything it was too late. You were gone. There was no way to retrieve your body because it went through the drain pipes. You will never be forgotten my friend 😭 Luckily hours later I got a new hat that looks exactly the same so i'm actually good.

*Insert sentimental caption about how "good of a year it was, we had ups and downs, i'll miss you guys but you'll never be forgotten ", blah blah you get the rest

"It's so big!" - she

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