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Noah  Creative Entrepreneur. Brand Architect. Leveraging creativity and story to bring hope to the world #Disney #StarWars Founder #noahu @noah_university

This is Tyler. He's a true hero. He lost both legs and his right arm stepping on a bomb while serving overseas in afghanistan. His heart and energy are amazing as he loves on his family and others. We sent him home with the kid in me "never leave a man behind" print. Thanks to all of you who continue to serve us and provide us the privilege to live in freedom. #military #soldier

Crash Helmet! DAY 2 of the Limited Edition Comic Con 2017 pin release! #booth1419 #whilesupplieslast

#PlayHard⚡️ DAY 1! Limited Edition Comic Con 2017 pin release! #booth1419 #whilesupplieslast

LIMITED EDITION PIN COLLECTION DETAILS: There are 150 pin sets available (we will not produce more of this specific set). With each set you receive: all four of the daily pins, a custom TKIM lanyard, lanyard card, and an exclusive BONUS pin (pictured). Once you've purchased your lanyard you begin collecting. Each day we will unveil a new pin for you to come by the booth (#1419) and collect to add to your card. We are running on a first come first serve basis (although we will be reserving a small amount for those of you who can't make the show so stay tuned for that to hit the store.) #comiccon #comiccon2017 #enamelpins #noahfineart #TKIM

Sneak peek of my new calendar. Part of The Kid in Me™ Essentials series releasing this week at ComicCon! These will be available for purchase online after the show as well. #comiccon2017 #comiccon #tkim #calendar #release #houseindustries #typelettering

Excited to announce my Limited Edition ComicCon 2017 pin release!!! Each day we will be unveiling a new exclusive enamel pin by The Kid in Me™ to complete a collection of four OR you can buy the whole pack ahead of time and receive a TKIM lanyard, this pin holder (to be worn with the lanyard) AND an exclusive bonus pin (but you won't get to see each pin until the day it is released)! And if you're not going to make it to comic con this year don't worry! We're setting aside a select few that we'll be selling online. #comiccon2017 #comiccon #enamelpin #exclusiverelease #tkim

IVAN came to my signing @disneyd23 expo. I noticed his arm and we got to talking. He said he lost it on his last tour of duty. He served on a bomb squad and lost his arm and finger due to grenade. My work allows me the privilege to have encounters like these. Thank you IVAN and all the men and women that serve us. Even more, thanks to the families that sacrifice their time and family members. IVAN let me draw his name custom on his carbon fiber prosthetic arm. I then asked him his favorite character. He said jack skellington so I added him. One of the highlights of the last four days for me. I'm grateful for all of you that came to the booth and signings. Was epic. #military #d23 #disney

I'll be hanging out with Edna Mode from the Incredibles today and all the other amazing fans at D23 Expo for the last day! I'll be signing in my booth 421e Hall A. Stop by! See you real soon!! #d23expo2017 #disney #disneyart

Wow! "Full Steam Ahead" original painting heading home to dear friends that have been faithful for so many years. What a memory. #d23 #d23expo2017 #waltdisney #disney #disneyside

UPDATE! My signing tonight from 6-7pm and tomorrow from 2:30-4:00pm will be at Talent Central in Hall A! See you there! #d23 #d23expo2017

So thankful to have time with @bethanyhamilton family and friends for the last week. Excited for what God is doing and has in store.

Gearing up for D23 this weekend!
I wanted to create an image for this years D23 Expo that really went back to the beginning of Walt’s dream. I imagined him sitting in his animation studio with his head full of vision, imagination and passion. I am most impacted by his drive and ability to stare fear in the face to launch the most incredible ideas. Whether he was building an animation studio, developing theme park attractions or running a team of creatives, he used all to raise the tide of creativity and innovation to impact people. .
My hope was to have this image return to the early days; to capture Walt's heart and vision. His trusted and faithful friend Mickey Mouse was so important to him and together they changed the world. I wanted Mickey to be coming alive and raising off the page. I used sepia black and white tones to go back to the black and white cartoons I love to watch. In fact, the theater in Disneyland is our family favorite as we stop inside to watch all the classics including Steamboat Willie. I appreciate Walt’s drive to impact the world and the countless lives his creativity continues to impact. My hope, is that this image would be a reminder to us that life is short and that we have one life to live. I titled the piece “Full Steam Ahead” as a reminder that each day counts. May we overcome the obstacles that stand in the way us living our true identity and calling. When we do, we live “Full Steam Ahead”. .
I will be signing this new release inside the D23 Dream Store during the expo Friday 6-7pm and Saturday 2:30-4pm. In addition, make sure to visit the Noah Fine Art booth in the exhibit hall. I’m super excited to see you there! #d23expo2017 #d23 #disney #noahfineart

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