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As of the special 9:00pm advisory #HurricaneMatthew proven deadly in the East coast. Maximum sustained winds have decreased to 110mph downgrading Matthew to a category 2 system. Hurricane Warnings are in affect for the following areas/counties: Central and Northern East coast of Florida, Coastlines of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Estimate just over 22 million people under Hurricane Warnings. Moving North at 12mph. The eye is expected to move over Georgia late this evening or early tomorrow morning. Heavy storm surge is expected with 9-11 foot seas. Heavy downpours is also expected with estimated 4-12 inches of rain alone. Stay tuned with the latest update on

As of the special 12:00pm advisory #HurricaneMatthew continues to plunder northeast of Florida and coast lines of Georgia, South and North Carolina. Maximum sustained winds have decreased to 120mph (category 3) moving NNW at 12 mph. Life-threatening storm surge, wind, and rain is expected. Stay tuned for latest updates on

As of the 11:00am advisory #HurricaneMatthew has now been upgraded to a dangerous and powerful category 4 system with sustained winds of 140mph. Heading Northwestward at 14mph. Hurricane warning and tropical warnings remain in affect for the east coast of Florida. Stay tuned for the latest and visit

As of the 11pm advisory, no much difference from the previous full advisory. Winds remain at 115 but expect to regain cat 4 features. Hurricane and tropical Storm warnings are still in affect for Southeast Florida. Bahamas expecting powerful storm surge and life threatening conditions such as rain and wind. Stay tuned for the latest.

As of the 5:00pm advisory #HurricaneMatthew has been downgraded to a category 3 system, but expected to be upgraded back to a category 4 system later tonight or tomorrow morning before making landfall to Northern Bahamas and southwest Florida. Maximum sustained winds are at 130 mph. Expected life threatening storm surge, wind, and rain is expected. Hurricane and Tropical storm warnings have been issued for both southeast Florida and Bahamas. Stay with the latest update!

#HurricaneMatthew continues to move at a rather slow pace of 6mph heading Northward. Hurricane Warnings are in affect for: Jamaica, Haiti, Eastern Cuba, and Southern Bahamas. Life threatening storm surge, flash flooding, and wind gusts are expected.

As of the 8pm advisory #HurricaneMatthew has been downgraded to a cat. 4 system - but still very powerful and dangerous. With maximum sustained winds reaching 145 mph. Moving rather slowly for the past 24 hours at a speed of 5 mph, moving northwestward. Hurricane warnings are in affect for: Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Western Cuba. Expected downfall is between 40-55 inches of rain in some areas. Stay tuned for the latest information.

As of the 11pm advisory - #hurricanematthew has been upgraded to a category 5 system. The last cat.5 storm was in 2007 with Hurricane Felix. Maximum sustained winds at 160 mph. Jamaica and Western Cuba should have already now been prepared for the worst. Florida and Bahamas should now start getting in preparation. Stay tuned for the latest.

As of the 8pm advisory #hurricanematthew is just short to become a category 5 system. Maximum sustained winds are increasing by the hour now to 150 mph. Island evacuations are now being processed in Western Cuba and Jamaica. This system shows no signs of weakening. Stay tuned for the latest information!

#hurricanematthew has now strengthened to a category 4 system. This has already been proven a deadly and VERY dangerous system. Maximum sustained winds are 140 mph. Hurricane watches has been issued for the following islands: Western Cuba and Jamaica. Expected to make a sharp turn toward the North heading towards Bahamas/Florida. Stay tuned for the latest information.

As of the 8:00 pm advisory: Hurricane Hermine has strengthen to maximum sustained winds of 80 mph. Life Threatening surge and rain is expected.

SPECIAL 2:00PM ADVISORY - Tropical Storm Hermine has quickly been upgraded to Hurricane Hermine with maximum sustained winds at 75 mph moving north-northeast at 12 mph. Central Circulation is beginning to become more organized and strengthen on satellite imagery. Hurricane Warnings and watches have been in effect for Mid-Northern Florida. Heavy Hurricane force winds and rain is expected with at least 8-12 inches of rain with sea surge reaching 6-8 feet, causing flooding concerns. Tropical Storm Warning have been in affect for coasts of Georgia and the Carolinas. Stay tuned for the latest!

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