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Javier Fernández  Do whatever you want.

17 years, 8 months until the next full night's sleep.

Things Abigail walks out of the dry cleaners with.

numero uno punto dos

numero uno.

Thanks for the life-steering gift. @gibby1 @pierrewikberg @jpminibike @jdh_films

will take it any place I can get it these days. 💤 #rookieparent #wetcarpet

Dad tip: when you're about to have your first child, people from all angles will give you all sorts of advice about being a father. While I'm sure all of it is well intentioned, a lot of it usually doesn't apply as everyone lives their own lives so differently. However, one thing I have found to be universally true, (and for some reason, no one told me about this) is that when you leave your family for any length of time more than a day, you'll miss them unlike anyone you've ever missed before. Like in a "I had no idea I could ever miss anyone like this" sort of way. It's like a whole new feeling. So my advice is, love em while you've got em. Because as soon as you hit the road, you're not gonna think about anything else. -even if you're in what used to be the best place earth to you. I think you'll agree with me someday.

If you're offered a seat on a rocket ship, don't ask what seat. Just get on. -Sheryl Sandberg

Personal hero. Happy birthday. @curtisciszek #special

First proto ➡️➡️Production ready. Spent nearly 2 years getting this program dialed. It's crazy what we've been able to pack into a pair of socks.

"If you only knew the power of the back side.." #theForceIsStrongWithThisOnesie