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On Wednesdays I go to school to teach kids about Jesus. It's a privilege (legally and as an experience). I ask some questions and answer some of theirs.

Today it's questions about Easter. In Grades 3-4 we've been working through the first three chapters of the Bible; the story of what God made the world and us for and why it doesn't always feel like the world is good or that people live as God's representatives.

Here are my questions this week. Can you answer them?
1. What's the story so far?
2. What is the story of Easter?
3. Does it relate to the story so far?
4. Why is Good Friday called good?
5. What does it mean if the Easter Story is true?
6. Why do we have Easter Holidays if it isn't?

Also, I have Easter Eggs.

This term at church we've had a narrated epic called How To Defeat A Dragon as a spot in our services (mostly) for the kids. It's an example of the power of story, how it fuels the imagination, and how the Gospel story follows similar conventions to these great 'epics& #39; where a hero is on a journey to defeat evil and save the world. Soph and Xavi are enchanted by it, and are playing How To Defeat A Dragon in the backyard. Soph is narrating. Today, the hero, Xavi, had to buy a helmet from the shops.

Story time.

Post school drop off Monday morning hang outs with this Joker.

#Thankful for this super mum. @rjcampbell trained hard for this triathlon, and smashed it. She's an inspiration to me and to our kiddoes, who were proud to cross the finish line with mummy.

The Hope St Cafe is now dressed in yellow and the coffees are tasting fantastic.

When we baptise people at church there's nothing magical or mystical about the water. The water is a symbol of something we believe is much bigger; that is both mystical and magical; that somehow as part of the Christian story being true when you put your trust in Jesus you move from a story that ends in death to a story that ends in life. The story of Jesus speaks into our yearning for immortality and says "you are right to want this, your desires come from the immortal God who gives you life, and in Jesus, God is with us." Today we baptised these two brothers — Isa and Hossein — who have joined our community as refugees pursuing ongoing life in this world, and found a path to real life as well. I'm #thankful for their stories; Isa has a brother here in Australia, Jafar, who is also part of our church. Jafar and his wife Lida love Jesus, they love church, and their deep desire was that Isa would share this love. We prayed for him together with our Growth Group for many weeks. These baptisms — for both Isa and Hossein — are an answer to our prayers, and this story, the Gospel, is an answer to our deep desires. It's a privilege to be part of a community with these Iranian brothers (and with many other lives). Maybe you joining a community like this and considering the story of Jesus for yourself would also be an answer to prayer for those who love you... if you don't think so, let me know, and I'll joyfully pray for you.

#Thankful for a night with @rjcampbell, James Vincent McMorrow, and a thousand other people.

Good art moves us; disturbs us; and can give us a taste of something pure and beautiful. This bloke's voice and song crafting do that for me.

He described one bracket of songs as songs you want to dance to while crying... alone... and confronted with the idea that we all die. My favourite song of his, and perhaps my favourite song is this one, We Don't Eat... "So if in the future I might need myself a savior
I'll remember what was written on that wall
That we don't eat until your father's at the table
We don't drink until the devil's turned to dust
Never once has any man I've met been able to love
So if I were you, I'd have a little trust"

Words can not express just how good this haloumi is. It is the best I've ever had; and I've been to Greece.

Iron Man made an appearance at Josiah's Ordination. One of the best and most admirable things about Josiah who's in the process of becoming a 'Reverend& #39; , and his wife Bloss, who serve together at Creek Road Springfield, is their humility. It's a superpower, but they know they aren't the heroes. Jesus is.
Following him looks like heroism to me though. And Josiah and Bloss do that.

It seems apt that we're up to the Beatitudes in our Matthew series today. “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:16‬
I'm #thankful to serve in the trenches with them, following tre true hero (and for the people who'll hopefully help Xavi love Jesus slightly more than he loves Iron Man).

Almost three years ago I walked into the offices of @micahprojects to volunteer. When we started meeting as a church at the Queensland Theatre their staff told us that Micah Projects were their charity partner of choice and suggested we check them out.

I don't think churches can preach the Gospel with just words and be taken seriously by people we hope to persuade; we need an ethos (a way of life) that amplifies our words and makes the good news that Jesus is a loving king who cares about the marginalised feel true. I also don't like churches that pop up in an area and establish their own programs and ministries as if nobody else is already plugging away trying to do good stuff.

So I walked into the Micah Projects office and signed up to help out with a social enterprise cafe that was very much in the conceptual stage; but that would provide training and inclusion in a work environment for the people Micah work with who are often excluded. The original plan was for this cafe to be on Hope St in South Brisbane, on the ground floor of a supportive housing apartment complex that Micah is involved in. While we've been waiting for some hurdles to be cleared to get this place up and running we opened a little Hope Street Cafe on Boundary Street. Today I got to pour the first coffees (dialing in the grinders and the machine) at the Hope Street Cafe that is actually on Hope Street, which is now just weeks from opening. I'm #thankful for the team at Micah Projects, and for how they model tackling real problems in our area with imaginative solutions and a dash of drive. There's also a brand new inclusive health care centre opening up next door on Hope Street (another Micah Projects project).

The feels when your Lego expert sister tracks down your favourite Lego minifigs from your childhood and mails them to you...

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